Jan 12, 2012


In the midst of rushing around and doing my daily projects, it dawned on me that this is "the new year."  Somehow, in the course of traveling, finishing school, visiting family, and client work, New Years Day has slipped by me.  As the making of New Years Resolutions is something I quite enjoy, I've resolved to rectify this matter.  For everyone else, it may be the middle of January, but for me today is the beginning of 2012 and these are my resolutions for the upcoming year, both personal and business:
  1. Finish all personal design projects left from preceding year; eliminate the ominous feel of projects too long left undone
  2. Find a design-related career job or way to support myself
  3. Stick to my budget (in 2011 I managed to pay off my credit card; now with additional expenses, ventures, and investments I'm hoping to keep it that way)
  4. ]Find time every day for work and play and exercise; make the most of each day
  5. Make new friends; expand my network and my personal horizons
  6. Find 3 ways to improve myself
  7. Complete at least one activity from my bucket list
During the making of this list, I considered what was important to me, but also advice from past generations. One motivational quote that had stuck (though not the precise wording) was the advice to consider your life and actions from the same viewpoint you would if you were dying. If you only had one day left, what would be important, what would you be proud of, what would you regret?
I realized that my answers to these questions have changed drastically in the last year, and that I have become much more the person I want to be.  Dying now, I would regret not having the chance to live and do more, but I would not regret the path I am on. 
So my resolutions were easy; continue to do what I've been trying to do, but do it better. Live more, do more, be more.

 What are your resolutions?