Jan 5, 2014

14 Resolutions for 2014

I make resolutions every year.  Following through is a different story, and I've had varying levels of success.  What I think more interesting is the way the goals change over the years.  I think the fact that they change at all is proof of progress in and of itself, and I will totally use that when I'm running low on things to be proud of!

Anyway, here's 2014's Resolutions:

  1. Think about career goals and make a timeline for them
  2. Find ways to make my job more interesting and satisfying
  3. Stop slacking off at work (I'm looking at you Reddit!)
  4. Set priorities for the work day as well as for personal errands
  5. Do at least one new/interesting/unusual activity each month (classes, hobbies, crafts, social activities...)
  6. Cut back on mindless TV time
  7. Get up early enough to walk the dog and eat a full breakfast without rushing to get to work on time
  8. Snack less/eat less of the delicious sugary things scattered around the office
  9. Exercise more and add variety (Zumba, yoga, running, weight lifting, kick boxing, belly dance, etc)
  10. Read relationship and communication self help books and actually utilize the tips from them
  11. Be more aware of other people in conversations
  12. Find things to appreciate about the people around me every day
  13. Keep journal/handbook to track goal progress and productivity
  14. Enjoy it all!

What are your goals for the new year?