Jan 29, 2014

January Self Actualization Activity - Sushi Making 101

Technically the class was called Rock 'n Roll Sushi 101.  So much fun!  The Significant, who can be super thoughtful at times, bought tickets for us to attend as my Christmas present, which made month #1 of my "new activity each month" resolution easy.

Getting Started - Our Sexy Hand Garb

We've attempted sushi making at home before, with various levels of success.  Which was lucky, because the class covered a lot and I think being familiar with it allowed us to pick out more personalized tips.  Chef "Al" was very amusing, cracking jokes in between detailed descriptions of tuna and salmon quality tiers.

A Simple Tuna Roll

The 3 Most Important Things I learned:

1. Freeze Salmon for 3 Days Before Consuming Raw!!!

Salmon has parasites (but no Mercury, like other fish), so if you're going to eat it raw, you need to freeze it for at least 3 days!  When the requisite time has passed, let it thaw and make your sushi.

2. Use a Palm-Sized Ball of Rice for an "Inside Out" Roll

It should fit comfortably in your hand.  It seems like it takes more, but this is the reason Boyfriend and I ended up with huge, misshapen sushi rolls in the past.  Plop it down in a line in the middle and then work the rice from left to right and from top to bottom to cover the area you need.  It'll spread out.  Really.

3. Gloves and Plastic Wrap Really Do Help!

Spreading the sticky sushi rice is sooo much harder when half of it is stuck to your hand.  But it doesn't stick to the plastic glove at all (this honestly never occurred to us).  And wrapping your sushi mat with plastic wrap will solve the problem for that piece of equipment as well.

Ingredients for the Last Roll: Hairy Mexican

The Hairy Mexican!