Feb 12, 2014

Bucket List - 9 Down, 23 to Go!

Font Picture Representation of Jenn Wells' Bucket List

I've had a bucket list since I was 20 and became aware that such a thing existed.  And since I've been in full-on list-making, organizing mode for the last several weeks, I've digitized it and added some new ideas.  The most exciting part?  Deciding what to tackle this year!

"The List"

  1. Skydive 2009
  2. Collect Pics of All the US License Plates (up to ~45 of 50)
  3. See the Northern Lights
  4. Graduate College 2010, 2012
  5. Parasail 2009
  6. Visit Europe 2013
  7. Get Married
  8. See a Solar Eclipse
  9. Become Fluent in Another Language
  10. Take Dance Lessons
  11. Write a Book
  12. Zorb
  13. Illustrate a Book 2011
  14. Pose for an Art Class
  15. Win a Contest
  16. Skinny Dip 2009
  17. See the Grand Canyon 2012
  18. Get a Real Job 2012, 2013
  19. Travel the Amazon
  20. See Machu Picchu/Chichen Itza
  21. Experience Zero Gravity
  22. Visit Every Continent
  23. Scuba Dive
  24. Get a Tattoo 2011
  25. Build a Treehouse
  26. Create My Own Scholarship
  27. Go to the Galapagos Islands
  28. Stand on an Island so Small You Can See All Coasts at Once
  29. Ride a Mechanical Bull
  30. Be an Entrepreneur 2011
  31. Attend a Beach Bonfire
  32. Be in a Flash Mob, or a LARP Event
  33. Travel by Dog Sled

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