Mar 1, 2014

Getting Organized Starts in the Bathroom

I just bought a bunch of organizers for different parts of the house and it's fantastic!

 My favorite: a three tier bathroom organizer that swivels, with 8 compartments for "stuff" and a top level for the tall things, like hair spray. The best part? I can start my day without having to dig through a mound of toiletries to find my toothbrush and the cosmetics I want to use that day. Which brings me to my point.

Organized bathroom = better morning.

3 tier bathroom organizer: available on Amazon

Other products that are currently making my life easier:

1. Scarf & Belt Hangers

From Amazon:

2. Shoe Rack

From Walmart but probably available on Amazon:

3. Purse File

From Amazon:

4. Shower Caddy

From SimpleHuman (and anywhere else really, but I'm partial to this company - I love their website and how techie their products look!):

Just as I was starting to think I'd gone overboard with the organizers, Significant asked me for something for his side of the counter.  So now we're both tidied up and ready to go!

My now-tidy, beautiful bathroom counter

What are you favorite organization tools?  How do you make the most of small spaces?