Mar 24, 2014

Sports - How to Pick the Winning Team

Just kidding guys.  I don't know anything about sports!  My family does a Fantasy Football league every year and this year was the first that I participated.  Since I had inherited the team from Sister 2, and had to get up to speed very quickly, I just picked up the highest predicted scoring players that were available for each game.  Needless to say, this strategy did not take me far - I was second to last for wins, and most of my spur-of-the-moment team switches were disappointing.

I did make a team icon, though!

AA for Avalon Autopicks.  "Avalon" because my home state of Delaware was already taken for someone else's team name, and because I love King Arthur, and because it sounds nice with Autopicks.  "Autopicks" because, well, they were all autopicks (not my fault!  Sister2 did it before passing the team off to me).  And for the graphic, a sword through a computer, which is both a reference to the whole Sword in the Stone thing and a commentary on the probable technical ineptitude of one who possesses an auto-picked team.  Very clever, I know.

Anyway, old defeats aside, the new sports thing that I'm going to be awesome at is the NCAA Tournament Bracket that we're doing at work.  This was both easier and harder.  Easier - because you just have to fill out the sheet once and then see what happens.  Harder - because there's not an easy interface that puts all the information in front of you like there was for the fantasy league on  So I did a teeny bit of research (I used this guy's assessment over at Sports Illustrated) and found out what the top 8 favorites were.  After filling in the sheet up to the point where those 8 were battling each other, I either picked by higher seed number or if the disparity was less than 4, I picked the lower one (have no figured out why it's called a seed, will update if/when I do and/or it's interesting enough to be worth mentioning).  For the 8 favorites, I picked by Mascot.

Conclusion?  Michigan State is going to win.  I have them totally crushing the East, then defeating the Florida Gators, and finally, the Arizona Wildcats for the victory.  I mean, c'mon.  They're Spartans.  You saw 300, right?  The Spartans would not only kill an alligator, they'd probably use it for a weapon, or armor, or both.  I'm not sure what we're playing for, but I'm ready for my prize!