Mar 20, 2014

Spring Cleaning - Oh, You Meant the House...

It's been a pretty rough winter for the typically mellow state of Delaware.  Lots of snow and ice and cold, and I'd gotten to the point where the only footwear debate was between boots: waterproof or warm and fuzzy?  Now that we're finally beginning to see the ground and no longer have to walk like penguins to prevent wild pinwheeling over icy sidewalks, I'm hit with a vague reminiscence of a time when other shoes were in my life.  Ah yes, they were once chosen with care to match or coordinate my outfits.  (Outfits!  What are those?  But that's a whole other thing.)

Long story short: I wore heels today.  Wedge aviator boots, technically, not even real heels.  And I've forgotten how to walk in fancy shoes.  Balancing is fine, but it felt off, kind of lumbering, until I cut my stride in half.  Did I really used to mince around with such tiny little steps?

And sandals!  I gave them a longing glance this morning, and then remembered the brier thicket on my legs that would put Significant's facial hair to shame.  Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, I'll admit.  The Significant grows a very nice goatee/mustache (we call it the "douche-stache" but I actually think he looks very handsome with it), but I'd put his downy cheeks to shame!

As I was about to mentally resign myself to the blade every other day for the rest of the time of warm, I remembered yet another detail.  Toenails!  My toenails look terrible.  I'm managing barely 10 miles a week, and still the effect is plainly visible.  How long will a pedicure withstand the act that wreaked such havoc on my feet?  How much effort are these sandals actually going to entail?  Maybe... the cold wasn't so bad after all.

Just kidding!  Warm weather is awesome and I can't wait to make use of my "real clothes" again.