Apr 14, 2014

Ain't Misbehavin' and "Networking"

After being unexpectedly blown away by Bring it On: The Musical, I resolved to see more shows.  So, when I saw that United Way of Delaware was hosting a networking event/theater performance for only $25, I was totally in!  One of my other resolves for this year is to be more social, so it was really 2 birds with one stone, plus wine, and for a decent price.  Going in, I had no idea what the show was about, which I think made it more fun, because I got to absorb it without any expectations.

In prior "networking" experiences, I've found them to be rather pointless.  It seems like most people attend with an agenda and they all just pretend to listen to each other until it's their turn to pitch their business/idea/whatever.  This networking event was specifically targeting young professionals, so I had higher hopes, and it definitely wasn't business oriented.  If anything, it was too far skewed to the other side - people were there because a friend had asked them to come, and they were polite enough, but not terribly interested in trying to get to know new people.

Never fear!  I still managed to force my way into several conversations.  And I enjoyed meeting a few new people.  But something about it made me feel a little bit strange.  Almost like a dating scenario, where you're trying to gauge other people's interest level, so you can figure out whether or not to ask for their number.  I'm not even single, but it had that same feel to it.  Making new friends is hard, guys!

While the social part of the event was just so-so, the show, Ain't Misbehaving, was very interesting.

Playbill from Ain't Misbehavin' at the Delaware Theatre Company

It was set in the Jazz era (I could look up time period, but eh, why bother?!), and it was about the dating intricacies and mishaps of a group of seemingly shallow socialites and musicians.  There were a few scenes that revealed that there was more beneath the surface, and some real feeling hidden beneath the web of jealousy, adultery, and general hedonism, and the music tied it all together.  I'm sure there were some deeper, social themes, but I can be a little obtuse sometimes, so here's what it was for me:

  • A new musical experience
  • Funny not-so-subtle innuendos
  • Lots of boob shaking
  • Somewhat dissatisfying when the relationships weren't resolved at the end (logically, it makes sense, it certainly wasn't a "happy ever after" performance, but emotionally I always want to pair people off)

Oh, and the best part is that the ladies were bigger.  Why, you ask?  Something about how confident they were, and how unabashedly they seduced and flirted with the men.  It made me really happy to see rather large women portrayed that way.  And you rarely see heavier people in productions, probably because it's so physically taxing, but these ladies had no problem shaking it for 2 hours!