Apr 18, 2014

First Ever Business Trip! - April Self Actualization

I went on a business trip!  I've never been sent anywhere for work before (at least not far enough to require air travel), and it was really exciting.  At first I felt all super grown up and stuff, and I was jazzed that my room was so nice.

Fancy, schmancy room

Large, beautiful bathroom with open shower (half open - there's a glass wall, but no door or anything for the other half)

I also managed to add a license plate pic to my collection, which leaves only 8 that I need to finish my game.

License plate picture for Illinois, number 42 in my collection (also the plate from our rental car)

The purpose of the trip was for PowerWorld training.  PowerWorld Corporation is one of many small businesses and start-ups in the area, except that in their case, they've been going strong for 14 years and demand is only increasing!  They have a cool little back story, so I'm going to elaborate: the software started as a project within the University of Illinois, as a tool to explain the power grid to non-technical people.  As the energy market expanded and became less rigidly controlled, the tool became more and more in demand by participants in the market, especially energy traders.  I have to admit, I'm somewhat in awe and a little envious (in a good way, right?  Is that possible?) when I hear success stories like this.  These people didn't even need marketing - they just developed a tool that was so useful and so unique that the customers came to them.

Anyway, I learned what I went here to learn, and greatly enjoyed meeting the employees.  They were all very friendly and down-to-earth, which made the training very pleasant.  Then, of course, we hit the town!  I think we were all pretty amused by the name of this little shop...

"No Regrets" Tattoo Parlor

And this martini flight from Houlihans (holy shit, I just went to their website to get the link and it looks like a social media site!) was the perfect ending to my trip the night before flying home.

Most delicious martini flight, and, uh, yes that is a glass of wine behind it...

To sum up, business trips are awesome!  Even if you don't love traveling (which I do), and your boss doesn't spring for nice accommodations (which mine did), you still get to meet new people, learn some things, and feel like a valued and valuable employee.  If you can find any related purpose possible, submit a proposal to your boss.  You might be surprised what you can work out!