Apr 21, 2014

"Facts" That Really Weren't Facts at All

Yep, I was wrong.  Not just a trifle incorrect, or a teeny bit away from the truth, but flat out, 180 degrees from the truth, wrong.  Even better, I have a whole list of interesting facts and trivia that I've been confidently rattling off to people that are totally incorrect.

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1. Ernie Sabella (aka Pumba) also Provided the Singing Voice for Scar in The Lion King

No idea where I got this tidbit.  But I can distinctly recall waxing poetic on my amazement that anyone could imitate Jeremy Irons distinctive voice so well, and if said actor could, why didn't he just do the whole role?  My apologies, Jeremy Irons.  No one can do your voice like you.

2. Bill Nye the Science Guy was Played by Bob Saget

No, he was not.  Totally false.  At this point, a lot more people are aware of this, thanks to the highly popularized debate between Bill Nye (who is his own, real person) and Ken Ham.  (Link if you're interested: Creationism vs Evolution Debate)

3. Ordament

It's not a word.  It's really, really not a word.  There are no "ordaments" decorating the Christmas tree, and you can't buy them from the "ordament store."  I suppose I shouldn't feel too bad, since Sister3 struggled with "conveytor belts" and "mare-ackles."  Maybe it's a family thing.

4. Lemmings Commit Suicide

This is both the most appalling and the one I had the best reason to believe.  I never actually saw the documentary, but it was a fairly common "interesting fact" after the Disney documentary ("White Wilderness") that when they get overpopulated, the lemmings migrate in a huge herd off the edge of cliffs and into the ocean.  Not true at all.  The Disney filmographers patently made this up, going so far as to import lemmings into a non-native area, and then drive the poor creatures off the cliff.  You know, to make the documentary more interesting.  Snopes did the crackdown on this one: Snopes - Lemming Myth.

5. "No day in which you learn something is a total loss" was not said by Eleanor Roosevelt

I had been wracking my brain and scouring the Internet and could not find any variant of this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt.  Finally, I switched the wording up enough and found this phrasing, which is listed as a quote by David Eddings, who is one of my favorite authors.  Evidently the quote is in one of the books I have in my very own home, but why I was so certain Eleanor Roosevelt said it, I don't know.  Maybe because she said so many other wise things?

Learn About Your Own Non-Facts!

If you're interested in common misconceptions, you're in luck!  There's a Wikipedia Article.  I learned several things from just a quick read-through (ex. milk doesn't make you more mucus-y when you're sick, and searing meat doesn't seal in "the juices").  Also, Snopes is pretty well known for uncovering the truth behind urban myths and misinformation: www.Snopes.com.