May 7, 2014

Brave Solo Art Viewing - May Self Actualization

For Christmas, I received a membership from Sister3 to the Philly Art Museum.  Along with the membership, she gave me a list of activities/suggested uses, the first of which was "brave solo art viewing."  So I took myself, all by my lonesome, to go view some art.  The adventure began before I even arrived.

Philly is confusing.  I'm not a huge fan, but I find myself traveling there more often now that Sister2 is a resident.  Still.  Horrible one-way streets, too many cars, traffic circles that cause miscommunications between me and Genny, my GPS, sending me shooting off in the wrong direction while she calmly speaks those hated words, "Recalculating."

Map with incorrect driving directions | Business, Life & Design

In total, I circled the museum 3 times looking for parking.  Turns out it was right on the back of the museum.  Oh well... I know for next time!  Once parked, I heaved a sigh of relief and allowed myself to relax.

Once inside, I quickly discovered that heels had been a poor choice of footwear.  Evidently art viewers treat museums with much the same respect as a library, and my footsteps echoed in the large, empty rooms.  Also, while I've experimented with doing things in public by myself, there's still a period of time at the beginning of the activity where you're acutely aware that everyone around you is in groups, and there are all sorts of things you'd like to say, but no one to say them to.

After 45 minutes, I settled into it and started to enjoy it.  In particular I appreciated the statues of Indian deities, the bright hues of early European art, and the armor collection (which Significant will also enjoy when I convince him to go)!

I don't know if being alone is hard for everyone or if some people just do it naturally and easily every day, but I think it's an important thing to practice if it's not.  Being alone gives you time to really get comfortable with yourself and grow, as well as preventing you from being dependent on other people.  The hardest, for me, was eating alone in a restaurant.  It got easier after the first time.  It's not necessarily something I'd want to do frequently - alone time means PJs and pizza!  But I'm glad I'm capable of doing it.

Have any brave solo adventures of your own?  Share them with us!