May 19, 2014

Today I Learned How to Enable Blog Comments

I'm a bit embarrassed about this.  Here I've been working to try to increase engagement and interaction with you lovely folks (That's right.  I'm talking to you.  How you doin'?) and wondering what I was doing wrong and why no one ever commented... turns out comments were turned off.  User error!  The good news?  I fixed it.

TIL #6 How to Enable Blog Comments

For those of you who use Blogger and who aren't already laughing at me, this is pretty simple.  I had assumed it was in the general settings (and that's where the settings are to display number of comments out on the main page).

Blogger general post settings | Business, Life & Design

But, as it turns out, there's multiple places to edit comment settings.  Googling it pointed me in the right direction...

Blogger individual post settings | Business, Life & Design

But it took some digging to actually find everything.  Evidently for each individual blog post, you have to turn on comments under "Options" in the right side bar.  To me, this seems counter intuitive.  Why would I want them turned off?  What's the point of a private blog?  Is this not social media?!

Blogger individual post setting to allow comments humorous graphic | Business, Life & Design
Borrowed Frantic Computer Clicker from Hyperbole and a Half, because Allie Brosh's cartoons have the best expressions and I can't even hope to imitate them.

So I realize it's probably too late for past posts (although I went back and fixed them all, just in case ;-), but now that it is fixed, I'd love to hear from you!  Tell me all about your blogging mistakes or daily life face-palm moments.  (Or, if your heart was really set on sharing a raunchy story, feel free to post that on the Bachelorette Post or words of wisdom for life and love on the Relationship Communication Post.)