May 27, 2014

Twilight... Taking Obvious to the Limit

I'm not generally an observant person.  Significant teases me about it sometimes.  True to our nature, it's usually a D&D joke, "You have low passive perception" or "You got a 1 on your perception roll."  Stuff like that.  When it comes to watching movies, I'm usually the one asking to pause it to ask questions.  However, some movies are so obvious, even I notice.

Twilight is a perfect example.

Yes, I know it's Twilight.  Any kind of movie snob is going to have plenty to say, and many moments made me cringe in discomfort.  Particularly the second in the series.  All that screaming into pillows and awkward love triangle stuff.  To get to the point: there is some dialogue in the first movie between Bella and the blonde sister (Rose?  Merideth?  Something?  I read the books and I still don't remember) where they're discussing Bella's desire to be turned into a vampire, that goes something like:

"I just know there's nothing I'll ever want more than I want Edward."  (Really?  You, at 17, know everything you'll ever want for the rest of your life.  Gag.  Face palm.  Sorry, irrelevant.)

"There is one thing."

Long dramatic pause... (whilst in my head I'm happily proclaiming "blood!")


Really?  You didn't think we could guess what the one thing was?  Even if there were a few poor souls, somehow unable to guess what one thing Bella would be craving over all others after becoming A VAMPIRE, it would make a nice talking point.  I like discussing things after the movie and that's harder to do when everything is spoon fed to you and there's no room for interpretation.

Also, I'd like to Twilight credit where credit is due.  I enjoyed the last movie quite a bit.  Some moments [SPOILER ALERT] made me laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, like Bella scaling the cliff face in her evening gown, and some of it was just better storytelling and less of the painful and nonsensical love triangle.  Also, her vampire powers put her on more of an even basis with good ol' Edward, so you're not constantly thinking, "Uh, why is everyone obsessed with this whiny girl who always has her mouth hanging open?"

Back to the obvious - I know there's other examples of this, and I've been racking my brain trying to think of one.  Help me out?

What were some movie moments that were so obvious they made you cringe?