Jun 25, 2014

8 Blog-fessions for the Humpday Confessional

8 Blog-fessions for the Humpday Confessional | Business, Life & Design

I actually kind of hate the term "humpday" but I think this link up is a lot of fun, so I'll overlook it.  Just this once.

My Blog-fessions

I started writing this list of confessions and then realized they were all blog related.  Since my brain is stuck on blog topics, I figured I'd go with it.

1. I Was a No-Reply Blogger

For way too long!  The worst part?  I saw tons of references to it and instead of reading what it was all about, just arrogantly assumed I knew what it was and had already fixed it.  Nope.  Kristin @ Kristin's [k]Nook and Taylor @ The Daily Tay saved me from myself on this one.  (Edit: If anyone else is like, "Oh hey, what's this whole no-reply thingermajig?" Sarah's tutorial at Venus Trapped in Mars does a great job of explaining.)

2. I Get an F for Link Up Etiquette

Well, maybe more like a C.  Hear me out, though!  I just started participating in them about a month ago and I'm still trying to figure out all the rules.  And this post about link up etiquette over at A Peek at Karen's World has really helped cement my vague ideas of what I should be doing.  I'm gonna visit all the blogs for this one, I swear!  (Edit: apparently comment forms are not my thing - I've had 4 of them go blank after I hit "submit."  Maybe it's IE?  Edit #2: Visiting all of them is my goal; not necessarily Karen's advice - see comments)

3. I Can't Stop Blogging at Work

After today, I'm going to have complicate my passwords/browsers to the point that I can't access it at work.  Self discipline, where are you?  You're never around when I need you!

4. I Have No Plans to Monetize

But not for any sense of integrity or any personal scruples.  It's just too much work.  And I'm having fun and don't want to ruin that.  Plus, it would require having the confidence in my writing to sell it, and with all the self improvement projects I have going on, the idea of one more just makes me tired.

5. I Get Bored by Regularity

Sticking to a post schedule is one thing, but the idea of having to write on the same topic at the same time every week?  Nah.  I like the idea of doing link ups once in a while, but I don't have enough things to confess to do it every week!  And you know, I don't want to alienate my primary readers (family and personal friends) by talking about the blog world too too much.  (the phrase "in the blog world" is guaranteed to make their eyes glaze over)

6. I Wish Everyone Used Blogger

It's just so much easier to read all the blogs in the same interface as where I edit my own blog.  And it's easier to subscribe - if I'm reading blogs I'm probably already logged into my gmail, not necessarily feedly or bloglovin.  So yeah, that lazy thing again.

7. I Am Completely in Awe

of this whole blogging world I've started to uncover.  I've been "blogging" (barely and poorly) for several years and only now in 2014 have I discovered some of you amazing people.  I know I've only scratched the surface but what I've found so far has been so amazing and enriching, I don't think I can ever go back.

8. I Don't Know How to Go About Finding Blogging Conferences/Conventions/Workshops

I'd really like to get more involved.  You know, like, in person and stuff.  Recommendations, anyone?

Edit: I've found a couple and gotten a couple suggestions.  Here's the small bit of information I've gathered so far.
  1. The SITS girls - blogging community, with conferences, linkups, and other resources (suggested by Frikken Duckie)
  2. Alt Summit - definitely a conference and maybe other stuff? (suggested by Frikken Duckie)
  3. The Blogcademy - has in person workshops, lessons available online, and also mixers
  4. Bloggy Boot Camp - conference (affiliated with the SITS girls, but is separate?  I'm a little confused, they've got 3 logos)

Linking up with Kathy over at Vodka and Soda.

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