Jun 3, 2014

Gamification - Becoming Awesome at Everything!

You may not have heard of the term "gamification," but you've done it, I guarantee.  Gamification is basically any task/chore/work that you turn into a game.  My mom started my sisters and me on this early in life.  "Who can collect the most dust on their dust rag?  Let's compete!"

As an adult, it's a bit more transparent and harder to be excited about.  So our games get more convoluted.  Like Fitocracy.  You get levels and achievements for working out.  It's a game, and it's also social media.  There are tons of apps for running and giving incentives or punishments for not exercising (Gympact even charges you money when you don't work out).

I'd like to tell you about my new favorite.  I'm not as motivated by the exercise apps.  It was fun at first but it's a lot of work to type in every exercise, and that's only for one facet of life.  I do like my task list, my calendar, my Google docs, everything organizational.  But my current favorite is...


HabitRPG is, for me, the most enduring version of gamification that I've tried yet.  It's a combination of your to do list, daily tasks, and habits that you'd like to develop.  You get to pick from a couple basic options to create your avatar and then the things you do affect that character.

HabitRPG layout explanation | Business, Life & Design

The to do list is simple, you mark it off and get gold!  The daily tasks are for things you want to do every day and you want to enforce more heavily.  You still get gold for doing them, but you'll lose health points if you don't complete them that day.  The habits can be negative or positive, depending on how you want to set it up.

If you lose enough health points your character can and will die!

You can use gold to buy armor and weapons, which have perks like higher resistance to neglected tasks/dailies.  You also get pets, which you can feed and will grow into "sturdy steeds!"

There's a social aspect.  You can party up and complete challenges or quests together (quest scrolls you have to purchase, one of the few things that isn't free on the site).  Challenges are just a way to compete and motivate each other.  Quests have extra perks.

So I realize this isn't for everyone.  In fact... it's not for anyone else that I know.  So I'm running around with my little party of 1, hoping to find someone else who thinks it's as awesome as I do.  And you know, I made a logo, 'cause that's what I do.

Gamification Noob logo for HabitRPG party | Business, Life & Design

Want to be a gamification noob with me?  If you're interested, create a profile on the site and email/message/contact me with your character id.  We can kill bad guys and get S*** done together!