Jun 28, 2014

Hosting a Meetup - June Self Actualization Pt 2

Hosting a Meetup | Business, Life & Design

I was really excited about hosting.  I thought I would be bold and take charge and force the Meetup group to be more active and involved than it has been.  Things didn't exactly work out that way.

Each month my art Meetup group has 2 regularly scheduled events and attendance varies from 2 people to 5 or 6.  I thought if there was a more personal event, you know, something another member hosted that you didn't need to pay for, people would be more enthused.

And they were!  At first.  Within 3 days of setting up the event, 5 people signed up.  Boom, just like that.  I had set up the event a month in advance to give people a chance to see it, and make room on their calendars, but in hindsight, I think the extra time was a bad thing.

The first to drop was actually our group leader.  She was double booked.  No big deal, Significant agreed to help me host and we still had 4 attendees.

2 days before the event, we lost 2 more, but gained one and a half, as one of the members decided to bring his wife and son.

Day of: because I do everything last minute, I was frantically cleaning, setting up snacks, seating, and the still life right up until the moment the Meetup was supposed to start.  And then... silence.

Jenn's beauteous still life | Business, Life & Design
The still life!  I was proud of it.  Significant said there was too much stuff, but I told him he didn't have to paint it all and to basically shove it.  Not very nice, but I was busy.

The couple did let me know they were running late, but the third participant never bothered to say anything or show up, which I guess is how Meetups typically go.  People be all kinds of flaky.  At this point, I was starting to feel pretty despondent, and turned to the many bottles of wine I'd purchased for the event to cheer up.

As soon as our guests arrived, however, things got better.  The 2 were so friendly and cheerful, and both fantastic artists.  We chatted while we painted and sipped our wine.  Their son played with our dog and told us about his Pok√©mon game (aside: I can't believe this is still around!).

Significant and I struggled to produce something that looked even remotely like the still life, but while our artistic attempts weren't greatly successful, I'd say the social ones were.  Not so much a Meetup, but a very pleasant double date that we'll probably repeat.  But this time, we'll only invite the ones who actually came.  And maybe try something other than painting.

Still life painting and dog | Business, Life & Design
Significant said Luke could take credit for his painting.  I liked it though - it was more modern and artsy!

Still life painting of flowers in vase with book | Business, Life & Design
Neither of us finished ours.

Still life watercolor of flowers | Business, Life & Design
But our guests did!  They both used watercolors and created really pretty things.  I only got a picture of one though.  :(

Have you ever been to a Meetup?  Have you ever hosted an event with total strangers and how did it turn out?

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