Jun 10, 2014

My Claim to Game (er, Geekiness? Geekdom?)

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Game as in "she's got game" - she likes to game - she's a nerd - her claim to geekdom?  Yeah, that didn't work out as well as I'd hoped.  Wordplay is hard sometimes!

Anyway, remember that post about nerd culture being trendy?  You see people all the time saying "I like [whatever/whatever].  I'm such a nerd!"  And then there's the people who suffered through being ostracized for it and who now debate the right of these band wagon jumpers to the title.

Well, I think everyone has always had a couple of things that they consider themselves a nerd about and we should celebrate that everyone finally feels free to express it!  Here's my claims to Geekdom!

1. I Met My Boyfriend on a Dating Site Called Geek 2 Geek

And that title pic up there?  That was my profile image.  Now Significant says I didn't actually belong on there, because I'm not geeky enough - but I've always liked nerdy guys and I absolutely loved the atmosphere on this site.  Everyone was celebrating and reveling all of the hobbies that would normally be a little off-putting to mention on a first date.  For example...

2. My Love of World of Warcraft

This poor game is no different from hundreds of other MMO (massive multi-player online) RPGs (Role Playing Games) except that it's well known enough that even non-players have heard of it.  Therefore it gets touted as the stereotypical "nerd" activity.  (Also, in case you couldn't tell, I learned those acronyms recently and am still super proud of knowing them!)

3. And D&D

I'd wanted to play this since high school, but never really got started until Significant came into my life and enfolded me in his nerdy embrace.  I really love it (and my dice, which are beautiful with purple and gold swirls!).  It's a way to goof off while being social, so you don't have to feel too guilty about wasting time - the way I usually do if I play WoW for hours (being social is a productive activity for me, because I have to work at it).  I think D&D used to be the cliche "nerd" thing to do, but WoW's replaced it.  A surprising number of people haven't even heard of it!

4. I'm into Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Mostly fantasy (Dystopias, hell yeah!), but I do love time travel.  The different concepts for how time travel works and who it impacts/what you can or can't do.  It's so fun!  Sister3 and I once became so engrossed in a discussion about time travel that we drove past our exit for Philly, all the way through Pennsylvania to the New Jersey border.  We went to the rest stop and had butterscotch krumpets, like Maniac Magee (if you haven't read this book, please do - it's so good!).  It was a delightful accident.

5. Math Aptitude

I'm fairly good at it and math and science were my favorite subjects all the way up until college when graphic design came into my life.  I also adore math riddles and logic puzzles.  I have a Sudoku app on my phone that I waste way too much time on, and when I heard about the "Who Owns the Fish" riddle, I dropped everything for 2 hours until I figured it out.  I'm certainly not brilliant (or that puzzle wouldn't have taken so long), but I get a good kick out of working out my brain.  Conversely, I freak out when someone calls me dumb or casts aspersions on my intelligence.

6. Puns

I love them.  If I can work a movie quote in, even better!  I own about 26 books from a ridiculous series devoted to puns (the Xanth books).  In addition to bad puns, my humor is obscure enough that I'll be giggling away at my own perceived genius and my family will just be staring at me.  "You named your GPS?  Not "Jenny" after yourself but "Genny" as in Genesis?  Ok...  How is this funny again?"  (It was.  I still don't know why, but it was.)

6 1/2. I'm Going to a Convention AND Dressing Up

This only counts as a half because I haven't been yet so I don't know if I'll even like it.  I'm dressing up as Snow from Once Upon a Time and I'm super excited about that.  She's not the most awesome character in the show, but I really liked her riding/I'm-a-princess-again-but-still-fighting-for-my-throne outfit.  And her hairstyle looks a lot easier to imitate than say, the evil queen's.  I'm not going to call this cosplay, because I'm not planning on acting like her and also because I hear they get super into it and kind of mean/judge-y to each other, but we'll see what happens.

What are your claims to fame/game/geekdom?

Don't worry, if you say Lord of the Rings I won't hate on you for thinking such a mainstream movie is "nerdy" (though I might judge you if you say you hated it.  I will absolutely judge you if you named your child/dog/sock puppet after a character from LoTR but never actually watched the movies all the way through).

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