Jul 21, 2014

An Unstructured Weekend and #PicturePractice

I don't normally do weekend recaps, but this one was so awesome that I can't help it.

I'd been feeling pretty burned out with all the self improvement projects and, with some timely advice from Kelli at Just Beachy, decided to forgo all to do list items, chores, and social obligations this weekend.  What ends up happening when you don't have everything planned out in advance?  Stay tuned...

Why Friday was AWESOME

  • Shopping!  Mostly to knock some items off the list of 27 things you're not supposed to do at age 27 but that I'm doing anyway (update on that later in the week).
  • Remembered my love of H&M when I bought 2 pieces of clothing for only $30.  And the skirt is even long enough to wear to work and not be indecent!
  • Books.  Physical, paper books.  Much happiness.  (Also, all set to finish Megan's book challenge - apparently all my shopping is for the blog.)
  • Wine, pizza, and video games with Significant all evening.  We moved Luke's bean bag in front of the couch, settled in, and took turns choosing the game.  His game of choice: Zelda (I forget which one - there's so many!).  My game of choice: Lego Lord of the Rings).

Why Saturday was AWESOME

  • Chipotle.
  • Wandered around Newark and since it was summer, no massive crowds of college students.
  • Days of Knights (nerd store) and bought a Hobbit puzzle (image from the movie - got a laugh out of how they strategically placed the attractive dwarves in front and the others were tiny or not included at all).

Why Sunday was AWESOME

  • Yoga with my mom (for the record - I hate yoga, but I'm doing it as my cross training with my couch to half marathon plan, and if I'm going to do it at all, I might as well do it with someone I like.  Plus my mom's yoga tape is super old, and they talk funny - "Noiiice, Susan.  Very noiiice." and sit in the Rafiki pose at the end - with thumb and first finger touching.)
  • Getting so wrapped up in my new book (Daughter of the Forest) that I did nothing but read all day.  Finished it!  4 stars, I think.

Why Right Now is AWESOME

  • These clothing items, which are my favorite colors (teal and blue), and I wore specifically to take pictures of (although fashion photographer - I am not).

They've seen some wear and tear, but are still my favorite shoes.  Genie feet!

So you can probably guess why I don't do too many posts on fashion.  Asking someone to take photos for me?  Pah!

In Summary: I finally took a break and chilled out and much fun was had by all (if by "all" you mean me).  And as for those uncompleted chores... they're not going anywhere.

What's your favorite color?  What was great (or not so great) about your weekend?

Linking up with Kelli for Picture Practice.  Go show off your photo skills!

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  1. I love those days where you do nothing but read all day because you can't put the book down. Sounds like and awesome weekend!! :)

  2. Love that skirt! From where?

    How did I not know you lived in Newark? I went to UofD. A looooong time ago. I graduated in 1999.

    I sent MFD a text today and told him not to say yes to anything the first two weekends in August. I am in desperate need of unplanned weekends.

  3. I studied all weekend. I'm in graduate school so I spend too many weekends studying. But that will end soon. This is my last class. Four more weeks and I intend to enjoy my weekends again!

    1. Congratulations on finishing grad school! And cheers to free weekends!!!

  4. Looks like a great weekend! I had to get my car worked on because it had a gaping rust hole thanks to the lovely winter we just had. It was more laid back though due to spending it at my boyfriends parents house and they live on a lake and there is no cellphone service. Its kind of nice to disconnect like that once in awhile! I like that skirt btw! Blue is one of my favorite colors :)

  5. Yayy for relaxing and I love your favorite color picture! It makes me feel summery and happy!


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