Jul 14, 2014

Finish the Sentence - A Fun Linkup Game

I don't normally post Q&A or "get to know me" type stuff, but the Blog Everyday in July link up had some great prompts for today!  (There's no way I'd even get close to blogging every day, but I think they'll forgive me)

When I open the fridge, I always hope I find...

Unspoiled milk.  For cereal, which I could eat every day.  But our track record with using things before they go back isn't great.

My favorite article of clothing is...

This shirt.

It is the most expensive shirt I've ever purchased (from Anthropologie), but damn does it do wonders for the bosom!  And I love peplum - so flattering!

Last week I was really pissed when...

I was on vacation so pissy-ness was at a minimum.  I did, however, get mildly irritated when my lovely sister would not allow me to take advantage of the free bag check they were offering.  Our backpacks, which we refer to as "the turtles" are awesome, but heeeaavy!

Sister2 and I trying (with only semi-success) to make a heart shape with our arms.  Pic taken at the zoo in Vienna (or "Wien" in Europe - which totally threw us off with train schedules).

One thing nobody understands about me is...

Uhhh, nothing?  Pass?  I mean, there's a whole internet of people out there and chances are there's at least one human being who understands whatever I care to put out there.

One thing I don't understand is...

Just one thing?  I guess it would be people who are proud of their flaws.  I don't think everyone needs to constantly work on self improvement, but I will never understand the concept that, "Hey, I'm a [insert expletive/flaw/negative quality] and you just have to deal with it."  Uh, no I don't, and we are no longer friends (because of your attitude, not the flaw itself - we're all flawed).

The world would be a better place if...

We remembered that other people are people, too.  Hidden behind the veil of a computer screen, or tinted out windows, or the flawed mindset of "them vs us" it's all too easy to group somebody in the "those jerks over there" category and treat them in a way we'd never want someone to treat us.

If I had a million dollars, I'd...

Buy a house, stick the rest in my 401k, and quit my job in order to pursue less lucrative work, like graphic design.  And blogging.

If I knew I'd die next week, this week I'd....

Cross as many things off the bucket list as possible, starting with visiting the Amazon and Chichen Itza, and spend the last day with my family, coming to terms with it and handing out my decrees for what they should do with my money (not that there's much, but I do have a nice life insurance policy...).

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be...

More discipline.  And I am actively trying to change this.  Because I feel that all the other issues I have stem from the fact that I don't have the will power to stick to my goals.

Something that can always make me happy is...

Pictures of baby animals.  And nice messages from Significant, preferably waxing poetic on my plethora of sterling qualities.

Something I'll never blog about is...

Uh, I don't know.  After posting about modeling nude for a figure drawing class and my lack of religion, I've kind of lost sight of where the boundaries are.  And that's a tad unfortunate since my blog is hardly secret from my family.

If I could go anywhere I would go... Because...

To the Amazon (and Chichen Itza).  Because I love ruins and learning about ancient societies, and because the Amazon Trail game really sold me on how awesome the rainforest is.

If I were an animal I would be a ...

Oh!  My mom used to tell us what animals our style of playing soccer was.  I was a bulldog, because I didn't run that well, but I was aggressive and held my own (as long as you were in range).

Oh, and here's a totally tangent story.  Back in design classes, we had 3 primary teachers for all the core classes.  One day someone said our head of department "would be a rhino.  Because most of the time he's a peaceful herbivore, just minding his own business.  But if you mess with him, he'll ram you in the ass!"  And I drew this picture to illustrate it.

Rhino/human caricature

A job I've always wanted is...

Artist.  As an adult I realized it doesn't exist as such, but graphic design is even better.

My idea of a perfect day is...

A day when I finally finish my to-do list (Psht!  Like that ever happens), and then have the whole afternoon to read and play games.

Want to play along?  Visit Allieology, 'Cause You Gotta Have Faith, or The Other Juliette.
Or answer in the comments!

What animal would you be?

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  1. If I were an animal I'd be a dog, they have the life!

    I love this post, it's a good get to know you post. :)

  2. The 401k is very responsible... and since I work in a field where we have several 401k's for people, I appreciate it!

  3. I am always hoping my milk isn't spoiled either. Yet most of the time it is because I spent minimal time at home anymore. Looks like a fun link up. Although like you, I can't blog everyday. I would have absolutely no life if I added in more days than I already do. Great getting to know more about you!

  4. Found you on the link up! :) Milk is my number one fridge item too!! OMG Chichen Itza is on my list of places to go---but when we went to Mexico last year our tour didn't exactly go as planned and we never got to see it!!


  5. I've always wanted to be an Artist, unfortunately my hands don't agree :)

  6. When I'm out of milk is when I feel the need to go grocery shopping, no matter how much or little food I have left in the house.

  7. I love your answer to the "The world would be a better place..." So, so true! Your art is amazing!


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