Jul 23, 2014

I'm Currently...

Blogging semi-almost-not-really everyday with Allie, Juliette, and Faith.  There have been some really fun prompts and today's is one of them!



Reading: Just finished 3 Cups of Tea!  I'm proud of myself for this one - it was starting to get a little dull.  Very inspirational near the end though.  Now I'm powering through the Hunger Games trilogy as one of my book challenge options.  I'm actually enjoying it more the 2nd time around.

Writing: This post but also a bunch of others.  I have 8 scheduled!  Girl on fiyah!!!  (Hunger Games humor)

Listening: My electronica/dub Pandora station.  Specifically "Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris.  I normally save this for getting into productive mode, but today I'm using it to combat irrational irritation with my coworkers.

Thinking: That I need to start bringing my lunch to work.  We get awesome free lunch, but it's a source of huge irritation because everyone spends 30 minutes debating about what to get and then no one wants to have to call it in or pick it up.

Smelling: Pineapple juice/salad dressing.

Wishing: I was a more patient person.  And that I had not just sprayed said pineapple whatever on my shirt.

Hoping: That the afternoon disappears as a motivated rampage takes over and destroys my work load.

Wearing: Old, baggy jeans that are about to rip in the thigh, a teal t-shirt (now pineapple speckled), and my emergency "cold" blazer that I keep at work.

Wanting: Hot cocoa.  And a hug.

Loving: My lunch from Potstickers.  Super awesome sushi roll with tempura shrimp on top and a "house salad" that is half fruit.

Needing: To get back to work.  Lunch is ovah!

What are your answers?  Come link up!


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  1. I'm rocking my work fleece today. It's hot outside but not so hot in here.

    I've given up on becoming a patient person. That dream has died. LOL


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