Jul 25, 2014

Save the Date! - Design Day Friday

Design-Day Friday: Save the Date | Business, Life & Design

I avoid themed post days.  Because when I had strict rules about blogging, I didn't actually blog.  But I think this one will be good.  Because for a blog about "business, life & design" there's not nearly enough design.  And everyone likes to look at pretty pictures!  Also, when I actually do design something (not nearly often enough), I am filled with the glow of creativity and smug self-satisfaction and that is something I need more of in my life.

I toyed with the idea of making this a link up, but there's lot of other awesome link ups on Fridays, and I don't know how many graphic designers/artists are out there that actually want to spend time creating something each week.  (If there's any interest, please let me know!)

I also don't want to get your hopes up too much.  I am a graphic designer, and quite capable of designing pretty things each week.  But I am also lazy, as proven by my failure to finish my "TIL" project.  Also, I believe that hand drawn art suffers a lot in the realm of graphic design, when it's so much quicker and easier to slap some text on an image.  (And artists are so drastically under-compensated, but that's another post)  So I'm qualifying artwork, even the crummy kind, as "designs" because they're being created for a purpose, and will probably involve text.

Now for the first Design Day Friday, I'd like to start with something spectacular!  Or, at the very least, a real design and not just one of the goofy doodles you will probably see later on.

The Project

Sister2 is getting married!  And who did she come to, but her big sister for help putting together a Save the Date.  To make things easy on me, she had a vision in mind already.  To make things less easy, it involved a photoshoot with her, Soon-to-be Brother, and their crazy dog, Maverick.

The Process


I'll be honest, this went a lot smoother than I expected.  I could go on and exaggerate the difficulty of photographing animals, thus raising your respect for my awesome photography skills, but Sister2 and Almost-Brother took most (all really) of the difficulty out of it by exercising him heavily earlier in the day, and by the years of training they've invested in this beast.

So they let him wander around in the field a bit, and then when he had gotten used to his surroundings, we posed, managed to get him to hold still for about 5 minutes, and got some shots.

Setting up for save the date photoshoot with dog
Getting set up

Like I said, my photography skills aren't stellar, by any means.  A "photoshoot" pretty much means using one of the automatic settings (sports setting for this), and trying to set up in a well-lighted area.  Sometimes it turns out all right anyway!


The fonts needed to be a combination of fancy, "Hey, it's a wedding!" and casual, "Look, the dog made this."  Is wedding casual a thing?  It probably should be.


The colors were pulled from items in the picture - the pink string in the sign Sister2 made for Maverick, and browns from her skirt.  I'm rooting for these to be the wedding colors, but Sister2 doesn't see eye to eye with me on color schemes and design being THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to decide.  We'll see.  And whatever she decides is fine with me.

The Final Product

Sister2's vision was so simple and easy, it only took a couple versions and she knew immediately which she wanted.  So we got the correct information on there, and then she emailed her guests! (I know, what a progressive bride)

I'm more proud of this simple project than I am of many other, more complex ones, and I'm glad it turned out so well.  Maverick was just glad when it was over and he didn't have to hold still anymore.

Have you ever tried to do a photoshoot with animals?  What ideas do you like for save the dates?

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  1. I love it, I'm no graphic designer just a DIY blog designer but I'd link up when the lazies didn't get me.

  2. I love it! I'm not good at graphic design, I don't really have the eye for it.

    Setting my dogs up for a photo shoot is like training a fish to live out of water.

  3. This is so cute! Good job! I try to photograph my cat who lives with my parents so every time this happens he gets edgy because he has to remember I am his original mom. This really come out nice though!


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