Jul 15, 2014

The Highs are High and the Lows are Low (except when they happen at the same time)

It's 9am and I can already tell it's going to be one of those "roller coaster" emotion type days.  Not that there's any good reason for it.  Things are pretty much the same as they've been.  But sometimes it seems like there's some sort of internal timer.  "Hey, it's been [x] number of days since your last breakdown."

And I don't mean breakdown in any huge, major way.  It's more like my brain just wants to feel bad for a few days.  Only this time it also wants to feel good.  So it's fighting.  In an attempt to sort it out, I'll list the good and the bad.

Things My Brain is Happy About

  1. I got up early and ran this morning.
  2. Feeling more motivated in the general health area.
  3. Kicked ass with household chores and errands the past few days.
  4. Been reading so many books lately.
  5. Significant and I have been really sappy and sentimental and I'm embarrassed to tell other people about it but I like it.
  6. Blogging in general and talking to other bloggers.

Things My Brain is Sad About

  1. Work is uninspiring.  I have a couple huge projects that are being difficult and at the end of each day it's hard to tell I even made any progress.
  2. I don't feel like I'm making progress in my long term personal goals.  Despite the pep talks and resolutions, it doesn't feel like I'm making long term changes.
  3. Making friends is hard.  I was all excited about a prospect from the Meetup group I've been participating in, but it fizzled and now I have all these activities I'd like to do and plan and no one interested enough in them to not flake out on me.
  4. That for the first time since I made a post schedule, I didn't have a post ready before Tuesday (and that this one is so lame).
  5. I want to do so much more with blogging, but can't justify the cost when it's a non-revenue activity.

What are you happy (or sad) about?  More importantly, what do you do to get motivated at work?!  (Help!)

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  1. Making friends as an adult is super hard, they should teach a high school or college class on how to find friends after you become and adult.

    I gave my personal goals a break for the summer, sometimes it's nice to be goal free for a while just going with the flow!

  2. I am in the same boat here. Meeting people other than coworkers is tough. I moved here 2 years ago and thats all I know. My coworkers. Its fine and all but I feel l ike all we do is talk about work. Yuck! I have found some pretty fun things to do this summer though and blogging is definitely helping. Cheer up!


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