Aug 28, 2014

A Letter from My Future Self

I saw a few posts with letters to the bloggers' teenage selves (Specifically Jana Says and Life According to Steph).  It was a fun topic - who doesn't feel much wiser and more knowledgeable then themselves a few years ago?  So I was thinking about this and considering writing my own gem of maternal and condescending wisdom.  (The other posts weren't condescending, but mine was going to be)

And then I realized, "Oh shit.  My future self is going to think I'm a dumbass."

So what would my future self have to say to my current self?  I have no idea.  I could see it going a couple different ways.

Wishful Thinking Version

"Oh, Sweetheart.  You really need to chill out and stop worrying so much about cultural issues and self-improvement.  You and society won't end up much different either way.  Relax and enjoy your joints not aching.  It won't last much longer." -Kindly Old Lady Jenn

Considering My Current Personality

"You're not as smart as you think you are.  Your 'philosophical ponderings?'  Hardly earthshaking.  And you think your writing is good?!  Just wait until you've been writing for years.  Then you'll cringe to see the drivel you're producing now.  Get back to work, you've got a long way to go.  Oh, and get some exercise!  It's your fault I'm in such bad shape.  Just let me tell you about this hip replacement..." -Cranky and Bitter Future Jenn


And lastly...

Genetically Most Likely Version

"You remind me of myself at your age.  Ha ha h... I forget why that's funny.  What's the point of this again?" -Senile Future Jenn

Whatever my future personality, I can't help but think that all that extra knowledge and experience will make my current concerns and interests seem superficial, indeed.  Hopefully I'll have developed more tolerance by then, and can look upon my past (current?) self a little more kindly than I currently look upon my past teenage self.

And preventing that hip replacement would be good, too.

What would your future self say to your current self?  How do you picture yourself in the future?

P.S. I've got a long weekend at the DragonCon in Atlanta, starting this evening.  See you guys when I get back!  Enjoy your 3-day weekends!

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  1. My future self would tell me to get off of my butt and get moving and be healthier. I'm listening!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Definitely we are wiser as we get more experiences under our belt. I wrote 3 letters to future myself on the blog - 1 don't have more kids - 2 remember when they were wee little (now they're so ornery) and 3 things I want to be doing when my kids are older. Hopefully not just chauffeuring them around.

  3. My future self would tell me to stop being so paranoid about EVERYTHING and enjoy my life now!


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