Aug 8, 2014

Bachelorette Party Event Image - Design Day Friday

Design-Day Friday - Bachelorette Party Invite

One of my sisterly duties in Sister2's upcoming nuptials is to organize the bachelorette party.  Sister2 is going pretty non-traditional: emailing Save the Dates, and skipping a lot of the additional parties that seem to cling onto weddings like a parasite, demanding ever more money, attention, and gifts.  (Whaaat?  I love giving people gifts for their engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, AND wedding all in a row.  Traditions are awesome.)

Anyway, I approve heartily, as you may have guessed, and the slimming down of the festivities allows Sister3 and me to do what we do best: go all out.  Rather than having 3 pre-wedding parties, we'll just have one really good one.  Which, of course, means we have to go to New Orleans for a weekend.

We've got all kinds of ideas and are super excited about planning this trip, but it's still almost a year off, so the only thing we really had to lock down was the bridal party's availability.  In order to do that, we made a Facebook event with dates and ideas, and we'll fill stuff in as we go.

The Project

To (finally) get to the point: a graphic designer can never simply create a Facebook Event.  There must be an appropriate event cover image to set the tone and clearly communicate what the event is.

The Process


For once I dove straight into graphics without bothering to ponder fonts and colors.  I'd made this image for a friend's bachelorette party about a year ago (and I really love it!).

So I opened up this file and everything faintly bachelorette related (Btw, spellcheck does not recognize "bachelorette" and keeps wanting to correct it to "bachelor."  Spellcheck, do you know what sexism is?).  I actually almost copped out entirely because I like this image enough to reuse it.  But then I thought I should come up with something new and more New Orleans-y.

After some googling, I found this amazing image from Shutterstock.

If this was a client project, I would absolutely purchase this, because even though I changed it, I stole the concept.  But since no money is exchanging hands, I drew my own city silhouette and piano keys.


I didn't get too crazy here.  The same script as the save the date, and a simpler one to go with it.

Final Product

To make it even more jazzy, I drew a simplified saxophone (or whatever.  It looks like some kind of brass instrument, right?).  Then I dug through my stock photo collection and put some partying ladies behind the city silhouette.

If I do any more bachelorette parties, I'll have to break away from pink, but for only 2 I think the repeat color scheme is permissible.  I'd also like to allay any potential concerns that I might repeat my previous bachelorette party planning errors.  There will be no strippers.

Have you ever planned a trip for a group of people?  What bachelorette party mishaps have you experienced?

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  1. Cute! I love it. And I have noticed that spellcheck hates the word bachelorette. Maybe it is sexist! ha!

  2. This is awesome! I see a lot of ladies planning bachelorette parties in New Orleans lately. I just went to a going way party last night where the person is moving to New Orleans. I suppose I need to go now too for some occasion!.. I do hear there is a blogging conference in New Orleans next June. Maybe that's my chance to go! Ok enough of that blabbering.. I have planned 1 bachelorette party and we did a casino night which turned out to be a lot of fun! We could never nail down a date where every person could attend though.. I guess that happens when you have a summer wedding!


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