Aug 24, 2014

Broken Ankle Diary - Week 4

Broken Ankle Diary - Week 4

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Finishing the saga.  Because I am pretty damn tired of being broken.


I wandered around the house completely crutchless most of the weekend!  I'm still using them at work, because the total walking is quite a bit more than our teeny little townhouse and I don't want to push it.  (By the end of the day Saturday and Sunday, I could feel the strain on the ankle - not pain exactly, more like a warning twinge, "What you're doing... stop now.")

At some point I discovered that the cast has 2 weak points: the rough top edge and the end of the wrap material.  Evidently these can be unraveled with only a small amount of pressure.  This is a dangerous discovery.


I'm walking!

It's awesome.  I can get hot beverages from the kitchen again (*sips tea*).

Exactly 1 week until the cast comes off!  (Permanently, I hope.)


Some positive thinking for today.

I have less than a week before...
  1. I can walk without a "swagger" (the cast impedes total range of motion and the bottom is round, which throws off my balance)
  2. I can carry my own damn laundry up and down the stairs without having trouble balancing (see #1)
  3. I don't have to tell the stupid dog park story anymore
  4. Going to the bathroom, or running an errand at Walmart is not a huge ordeal
  5. No more sore armpits!  Ever!!! (knock on wood)
  6. I can wear all the pants!
  7. I can start exercising again

I've stopped using the crutches entirely.  I was expecting people to reprimand me, since they've been pretty free with their advice (knowledgeable or not) thus far, but no one's said anything.  I draw far less stares without the crutches and I'm reveling in my newly rediscovered almost-invisibility.  (Secret snack time!)


I ran errands after work that I've been putting off all week and was immensely proud of myself.


When I'm sitting around blogging/designing/working it really doesn't even feel like I have a cast anymore.  Walking is kind of funny, because I'm so close to normal that I, and others, forget about it occasionally.

Example 1: I keep trying to step down with my right foot.  But my left ankle can't bend, so that angle doesn't work and I either have to hop awkwardly or pull my foot back up and hobble down the correct way.

Example 2: We've been out a couple times this week and Significant will be striding off without me.  Then he'll turn to see where I am, which is usually about 10 feet behind, and stop to wait.  Also, holding hands when your strides are so mismatched doesn't work very well.


Only 2 days away!!!

Technically I've been in the cast for about 5 weeks, but I misplaced a week somewhere.  I think I've been really lucky to have not fully broken the bone, because my recovery has been a lot easier than a lot of stories I've heard.  This is probably the last week I'll post the "diary" because even if they put me back in the cast, the stories have gotten pretty unremarkable.  Thanks for following along and for all the support!

Would you rather break an arm or a leg?  Have you had a broken bone and how quick was your recovery?

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