Aug 1, 2014

DMV Trifecta Logo - Design Day Friday

Design Day Friday - DMV Trifecta

2 designs in 2 weeks!  (although I'll be honest, these were both completed before I even thought of Design Day Friday)

The Project

A contact of mine (an old coworker actually, how's that for networking?!) got in touch requesting information for a logo for his blog.  I, of course, was thrilled both to have a design project, and to work on something blog related.  (I was wondering just the other day where all the men are in the blogging world.  Sports.  They're over in sports.  And maybe tech, also.)

The blog is titled DMV Trifecta, and it was to serve as a guide to men in the Delmarva area for sports, sex, and socializing.

The Process


This was a challenge.  In the past most of my clients have been women, for whatever reason.  So I'd gotten used to using a certain set of fonts.  This time I had to branch out more, and try to find something that was still clean and minimalist (best descriptor of "my style" I can think of), but also appealing to men (and not necessarily to myself).

Color Schemes

Again, since I tend to pick pretty, harmonious colors, it was a challenge to try to think like a masculine clientele.  So I relied on Significant pretty heavily, and pulled some of the colors out of the header image currently on the site.


The client (for this project) works in marketing, and is used to providing a fair amount of direction.  And he knows what he likes and doesn't.  So some of the images were based on the examples of logos that he likes, and others were more literal - icons depicting his 3 main topics.

Logos the client liked

First Draft and Revisions

We went through a few rounds of revisions.  Each round had a pattern: we'd eliminate more of the colors and creative fonts in lieu of simpler versions.

Round 1

Round 2

The Final Product

Which draft would you have voted for?  Do you know any male bloggers?

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  1. I would have picked 3, I like their choice but I like a little color in my designs.

  2. I really liked 3 with some color. Great job all around Jenn!

  3. I liike round 2 #6, with the larger icons in it. But with the word "Delmarva" spelled out, not abbreviated to DMV. I'm with you on this one, Jenn; "DMV" to me will always mean Department of Motor Vehicles.


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