Aug 22, 2014

Enveste Energy Investment Website - Design Day Friday

Enveste Website - Design-Day Friday

I'm not sure how I never blogged about this one, but I'm glad, because I wouldn't have done it justice.

Now, I know I could try to impress you and just say "Oh, I have a client who's an entrepreneur" but I'd rather be straightforward, and also I'd like everyone to know that being an entrepreneur is not some magical thing.  Anyone who has the desire and the willpower to follow through can do it.  It might not be a glowing success (the high failure rate of small businesses is a sad fact), but at least you'll have given it a shot!

Here's the backstory: Soon-to-be-Brother (who was just "Sister2's boyfriend" at that time) had an innovative idea!  Together, he and a friend wanted to start their own company for energy investing.  They came up with the name Enveste, and contacted me about a website.

I was more than happy to throw together some designs for it, which I will show you shortly, and we were progressing right along, when some things happened and life got in the way.  Now, a couple years later, we're picking it up again, and I could not be more delighted!

The Project

When Soon-to-be-brother came to me originally, Enveste had a name, but no branding whatsoever.  When I have a website project, I usually throw in the logo, because so much more time (and money, usually) is going to be invested in something as big as a website.  Plus, branding is ESSENTIAL, even if my client doesn't see it that way.

So what I getting at is that the design process is a little different for this, in order to streamline what is actually a couple different projects.

The Process


So we need a logo, but instead of offering a whole page of them, I'll create one for each design option (usually about 3 of these).  I'll still design these first, and go through the whole fonts/colors/graphics process, but instead of presenting all the logo options to my client, I'll let them see how each logo looks on the design mockup it was designed for.

But between you and me, I do still usually start with a sheet like this.

If the client wants to customize, I'll present the logo sheet I'd done prior to the website design drafts

Design Drafts

For a logo, I'll provide a whole sheet of options.  For a layout/design, I try to limit it to 3.  Why 3?  Partially because any more work than that would pretty much ensure that the payment won't cover the time spent on it.  And partially because I think too many options overwhelm your client to the point where making a decision is more difficult.  And because it forces you to only display your best work.

Normally my pride prevents this, but for this project I made use of some of the Shutterstock templates I'd purchased in the past (making alterations, of course).

Semi-Final Project

Neither Soon-to-be-Brother nor I remembers exactly where we left off.  But upon our most recent discussion, we both agreed to use this design, which is the one I did from scratch and is by far my favorite!

Coming Soon

The timeline we've set to get the website up is the end of the month.  That's primarily for the design, and we'll be making edits afterward, both design tweaks and user functionality.  But I am absolutely thrilled that I'll be able to see (and show off) my work live on the web!  I honestly don't think there's a greater feeling.

Look for that update at the beginning of September, as well as an explanation of what energy investing actually is!  (I'm sure I'll have it figured out by then)

What's a project that you were really proud of?  Have you ever worked on a business project with a family member?

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