Aug 26, 2014

Fracture Fashion - Style with Mismatched Shoes

Fracture Fashion - Style with Mismatched Shoes

I'm getting the cast off today!  As we speak (or you read).  And hopefully not replaced.  So to celebrate, I'm posting my first ever fashion post, which will hopefully also be the last post that mentions broken ankles.  (UPDATE!  I am cast free.  And boot free.  It took an hour to get my leg and foot looking presentable again, but other than a tiny limp and extremely slow pace I am pretty much normal.)

I've had a few questions about what I wear now that I can only wear 1 shoe, and most pants won't go on over the cast.  I'm not super fashionable, and I don't know any of the right terminology or trends.  I have a few basic guidelines to dress for my body type, and other than that I pretty much ignore what's currently popular (discovering empire waists was a critical point for my wardrobe).  But I did put some thought into the strategy behind dressing for crutches.

Outfit #1 - Casual

My office is pretty casual, so whenever I'm feeling lazy I'm free to throw on a t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers.  I couldn't decide how to pose, but don't worry, this was really just the practice shot!  Shirt from Yosemite gift shop, sneaker (singular) from fancy shoe store at the mall, shorts from somewhere.  Oh!  And cast from Casscell's Orthaepedics (doodles custom drawn).

Outfit #2 - Medium

Since I only have a couple pairs of shorts (our office is pretty frosty so I tend to stock up on jeans), I ended up wearing a lot of skirts.  Since I choose comfort over fashion, I wore this awesome little bootie a lot, despite the total lack of matching!  Oh, and I'm doing a leg pop thing like the leading ladies always do in movies, but for some reason it doesn't quite have the same impact...  Shirt from Kohls, skirt and boot from Modcloth, wrinkles from sitting too long in the dryer.

Outfit #3 - Fanc-ay!

As you can see, I really pulled out the stops for this one.  I'm doing the "I'm so naturally posed and have no idea this picture is being taken."  I actually love this outfit because I bought the shirt and skirt from H&M in response to the 27 things challenge, and they were under $30 and are totally work appropriate.  The ballet flat is the first "nice" shoe I ever bought so... Kohls probably.

You may not have noticed the subtle things that make these outfits so hobbling-appropriate, so I'll elaborate.


I don't know about you, but I hate having hair swinging around when I'm jumping and hopping about.  Also I had to wear a backpack the whole time, and it had a metal clasp at the top that kept eating my hair.  So I kept it up for the most part.


Normally I do dangly earrings.  In fact, that's probably my biggest concession to the feminine side of me that wants to get all dolled up every day.  But, like the hair thing, swaying earrings just felt silly and annoying, and I didn't want one to accidentally fall out, so I did studs the whole time.  (Sorry about the ear closeup.)


A closer look at the aforementioned super-old ballet flats.  Basically the point here is that one heel wouldn't have been practical, for various reasons, so my heels have been sadly neglected these 5 weeks.  For the most part the 3 practical shoes in these pictures are the only ones that have seen any action.

As you can see, I've really taken to the whole fashion shoot thing, so I'd also like to share some tips for any amateur fashion bloggers thinking about taking it to the next level.

Tip #1

Don't choose a rainy day for your fashion photoshoot.

Tip #2

Actually bring the backpack you want to photograph.  It's nice.  It's from Modcloth.  I'd recommend it but I can't actually show it to you.

I hope you've learned a little something on how to dress for your next fractured or broken bone!  And hopefully you never need that knowledge.

Here's a face I didn't know I made.  Charming.

What fashion tips did I forget?  What mishaps did you have on your first fashion shoot?

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  1. I love your fancy outlet!

    I hope you don't have to get the cast replaced, but just removed.

  2. Hooray...cast free...Congratulations!!! Nice pics too! Enjoy the freedom. I am slowly regaining my range of motion. Off to the beach. I have enjoyed your posts...and felt connected to someone going through the same challenges. Enjoy the last few days of summer....and good luck with everything!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I'm thinking recovering range of motion is going to take longer than I initially thought. And today my calf is on fire! So much more exercise than usual. :P

      I'm glad you found me - it has been really nice to have someone to commiserate with!


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