Sep 16, 2014

An Announcement and an Inflated Ego

So the timing is kind of funny for this, because I just had my interview with Trish posted yesterday and there was no mention of this.  But in my defense, the interview was planned out a while ago, and this business project just sprouted up!  Sometimes an idea is so good you just have to run with it.

What project is that, you ask?  (trumpet fanfare)

The Blog Mentoring Network!

This business is Jana's brainchild, and the mentoring part of it has been around for a while.  (It's actually a really fantastic idea - pairing experienced bloggers with newbies, at a very low cost, so everyone can get some one-on-one attention.)  But she's expanding her repertoire to include coaching and blog design services.  As you may have guessed, that's where I come in.

Together, Jana and I will be offering coaching/design packages, and if you're interested, or you know someone in need, feel free to check those out here.  Even if you're not interested, go admire the website.  I learned Wordpress for this, and installed my very first theme, so yeah.  I'm insufferably proud right about now.

Sneak peek:

Blog Mentoring Network website

(Side note: The CSS gets hella complicated when it's a blog post wrapped in a child theme, sitting on a framework, hosted on a content management system.  My goodness!)

We also have a brand, spankin' new blog button, so if you have any interest in doing a swap, let me know!

Blog Mentoring Network

Do you have a side business?  What job would you take if money wasn't an issue?

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