Sep 24, 2014

Confessions of a Blogger (more stuff my family doesn't care about)

I keep thinking, "Oh, I'll just write this one post about blogging and then it'll be out of my head and I'll have nothing else to say about it."  Not so much.  Since The Nerdy Girlie is doing this link up anyway... I figure that's a good enough excuse for me.

Here's another round of blogging confessions!

1. I Keep Finding Ways to Spend Money on Blogging

So I told myself when I decided not to monetize that that also meant I couldn't spend money on this hobby.  I still really want to do blogging consultations, go to conventions, the whole 9 yards, but I was firm with myself and said, "No!"  But... then it really made more sense to own my own domain name and that didn't cost TOO much.  And then... there was this really great planner that just happened to be a blog planner, but I could totally use it for other things!

But just look how pretty it is!  None of the other planners could match this magnificence!
What can I say?  Will power is not my strong suite.

2. I Haven't Been Putting Much Effort Into It

For someone who's so eager to throw money into a hobby, I haven't been super motivated to put together pretty pictures or share my posts on social media.  I could claim I'm too busy, but I think that's a cop out.  If I really wanted to, I'd find time.

That being said - I do value the written word far more than pretty pictures.  While another blogger might be very clever and creative, if the post has gifs interspersed with each sentence, I can't do it.  I'd much rather read a block of text.

3. I Have a Sponsor Offer and I Don't Know What to Do

I've been pretty forward about blogging being a hobby and low pressure means more enjoyable.  I definitely don't want to get to the point where I'm writing sponsored posts every week about bizarre products that you guys know I don't really care about.  But... I was considering buying from this company anyway, and now I can get it for free!  Plus they have hardly any restrictions on what I can say in the post.

Brutal honesty: I didn't think the issue would come up since my blog is so small.  Now I have to actually think about it.

4. I Change My Content for My Audience

As much as I like to say it's a hobby, and I do it for me, that's not entirely true.  I enjoy what I write about, but when I started to connect with other bloggers, I saw which posts got a few comments and which ones had crickets, and I changed it up.  Most of the ones I stopped writing were nerd/gaming related, because until recently I hadn't found any community for it.  I intend to remedy that, but I'm really hoping that I can coexist in both communities, rather than losing the one I've already found.

On that note, I kind of wish I was a secret blogger.  I love my family but I would also love to have total freedom of expression, without always worrying, "Who's going to see this?"

5. My Old Posts Make Me Cringe

When I started writing, I was off in a completely different direction.  Hopefully I've improved, but going back and reading the old posts is painful.  I debate about whether or not to delete them, because I don't think they add much as far as quality, but they do show where I started and without them I wouldn't have a "Hello World" first post.

Also, a small part of me is afraid that all this junk I write now will cause me to cringe one day in the future.  We're never as smart as we think we are, and I certainly hope I'll continue to learn and improve as time goes on.  So I guess I'll just have to accept cringing as part of the territory.

What are your blogging confessions?  Do you ever have trouble getting a certain topic out of your head?

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