Sep 5, 2014

Design Day Friday - Sorta...

Design-Day Friday?  Whaaat?  Did I say I was going to do that EVERY Friday?  That might have been optimistic.  Silly me.

I make a lot of resolutions.  I tend to do better on the ones that are once a month as opposed to once a week.  Like my self-actualization activities, which are going pretty strong.

Another thing I've noticed about bloggers in general is that we all tend to post at the beginning when we're searching for motivation for whatever the goal is.  Or if it's not a goal, then we blog about the possibilities of whatever exciting venture we're taking off on.  But the follow up is a little more shaky.

And that makes sense!  Who wants to blog about not following through with something?  Or something that seemed exciting and then just didn't really go anywhere?

I do!  (Good practice for later on)  So let's talk about the resolutions, goals, and activities that fizzled out.

Un-Blog-Worthy Activities, Goals, and Resolutions

1. Affirmations

At some point I noticed I was forgetting to say them more and more frequently.  And when I did say them, they didn't inspire me with the glow of my own virtue and/or encourage me to alter my behavior.  And maybe it's just one more chore each day and it's ok to let these go.

2. Summer Bucket List

I just checked back in with these.  Holy crap.  You'd think, even with forgetting about them, I'd do one single thing that was on my list of "it wouldn't be summer without..."  Nope.  Here's all the things I didn't do.

It Wouldn't Be Summer Without...
  1. Camping
  2. Extra Gaming!
  3. Canoeing or Kayaking
  4. Playing in a Sprinkler
  5. Wine Tasting
  6. Beach Days
  7. Flying a Kite
  8. Spending Time in the Sun - Seriously, I can't even say I've done much of this.
  9. Having a Water Balloon Fight
And here's a couple I actually did.

This Summer I Want To...
  1. White Water Raft
  2. Run a 5k or 2 - Just one, but hey!  It's something.
  3. Take Luke to the Beach - We did this!  It was hilarious, and he tried to eat the water, and... oh wait.  That was last summer.
  4. Do a Painting and Wine Night - Had a great time with this one!
  5. Pirate Booze Cruise
  6. Have a Fancy Picnic!  With wine and cheese and fruit.
  7. See a Show
2 out of 16.  Pretty epic fail here.

4. Girlfriend Social

I only briefly mentioned this (#6 in my "Guiltless Pleasures" list), but I had such high hopes for it.  I mean online dating worked out really well for me, so why not finding friends online?  (I keep calling it "friend dating" but you know what I mean)  I've talked to a couple people and then the conversations just died, and along with them my hopes and dreams.  Kidding!  But without being melodramatic, I think it's back to square 1 as far as making friends being a lot of work and there not really being an easy solution.

3. Design-Day Friday

Now this isn't dead just yet.  But in my head I was planning to do it EVERY SINGLE Friday, and if I was short on time, or didn't have any designs to show, I'd just do a sketch or a doodle.  Obviously I'm struggling a bit with that.  But I'm not quite ready to give up on that one yet.

With that in mind, here's a little something I put together for my client, the DMV Trifecta, for his preseason football predictions.  Even more exciting, it's up on his blog.  (Love, love, love seeing my stuff in use!)

Normally I talk about the design process, but this was a one-draft, no-revisions-needed kind of project (I know!  That never happens!) so there's not a whole lot to tell.  I used the font that's we ended up with in the logo project, plus Gill Sans for smaller print.  He provided the Excel sheet with all the information, and the colors were predetermined, so all I did was give them a bit of a gradient to make it pretty and kept the whole thing simple and masculine.

Graphic Designer Tip

I did learn something though!  If there's any other graphic designers who want to laugh at me - I was under the impression that you could not save your InDesign files "for web."  So if I was doing anything for a website or web graphic, I was always very careful to use Illustrator or Photoshop.  I was wrong, and thank goodness for that!  Because trying to set up all that text in Illustrator would have taken FO-evah!  (Note: Generally speaking, Illustrator is best for vector drawing, InDesign is best for big blocks of text, and Photoshop for raster images and photos)

So yep.  Design-Day Friday.  Still a thing.  For now.

What are some resolutions you had that didn't go anywhere?  Do you ever blog about things to try and force yourself to follow through?

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  1. I always post my seasonal goals, then I do a follow up post because if I sucked, I need to admit it. hahaha

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I had a whole summer staycation bucket list and I think I checked off maybe two things, the beach kept distracting me from trying something new.

  3. I hardly ever make to-do lists, because I already know the depressing feeling of not doing any of them haha.


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