Sep 9, 2014

Men vs Women - We're All Just People

Maybe it's all the feminism posts I've been reading.  Or the #YesAllWomen movement before that.  Or the zealous passion with which The Mary Sue keeps reminding me to view our TV shows and movies with an analytical eye that notices how the women on screen are portrayed.  Whatever the case, I think differently these days.

I used to think it was funny when someone said something like, "You know a man invented __, because it inconveniences women in __ way."  Or to poke fun at perceived gender differences.  "Haha, women are so irrational."  "Men are so emotionally dense."

Remember the Crazy/Hot scale from that one episode of How I Met Your Mother?  I thought that was pretty funny.  Especially when Ted was starting to think, "Uh oh, this girl is going too far into the crazy area" and then she whispers something in his ear which ups her "hotness" and he instantly changes his mind.  Silly men!

It was probably in one of The Mary Sue articles that I saw the first negative reference to that.  About how the message overall about women isn't that great.  I didn't really want to hear it.  How I Met Your Mother is good, wholesome fun!  Nothing wrong here.

But a coworker sent me this video.

And for whatever reason it's not funny this time.  Maybe it was the added sections.  Maybe it was the exactitude with which the chart-draw-er places women into tidy little categories.  Maybe it was the "No woman is less than a 4 crazy, so the crazy axis will be from 4 to 10."

Whatever it was, this really rubbed me the wrong way.  Maybe I'm getting overly sensitized to it and I can't take a joke anymore.  Or maybe I'm finally sick of us trying to trivialize and categorize each other into neat little types when what we really all are is just human beings.

Do you think the video is funny or obnoxious?  What cultural issues has blogging or social media raised your awareness of?

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  1. I had to share this with my friends. My first thought is. Who is he to judge women, if this was a how I met your mother episode he'd have to be naked man to get sex. But then I laughed at him saying Redheads are in the danger zone. I'm sure my ex husband would agree.

  2. It annoys me when people brush off how women are treated differently in pretty much all aspects of life.

  3. I tend to laugh at most jokes or stereotypes if the person seems to be joking and not being serious. However, to say that all women are crazy or generalize people into little categories like it is black and white is not ok. I also don't agree that women should be paid less than men, that is absurd and is still happening.

  4. As I was reading your post I was agreeing with you a lot (but nothing new there) because I too always laughed at these kind of things in the past and have been noticing them a lot more lately. I think I've started to see that even if I can see them as a joke and laugh ad move on without caring about what they are saying, a lot of other people can't and that is why there is a problem with it. Now when I hear or see those kind of jokes I generally make some kind of comment to the affect of "we all know this is completely not true, but it's pretty funny" to make the point that I do find it funny and I will laugh, but no one else should be taking it seriously because it is meant as a joke only.

    As for the video you posted though, it wasn't funny. The reason I don't think it was funny and I find most other things in that general category funny is because that guy was 100% serious. He wasn't joking, it wasn't some fun and games, the way he spoke I think he 100% believes what he is saying and doesn't think it is just a joke. That is why I don't like that video.


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