Sep 11, 2014

Metablogging - 7 Blogging Things I Worry About

Metablogging - 7 Blogging Things I Worry About

Sometimes, when we play D&D or some other tabletop PRG (don't worry, this really is about blogging), Significant will turn to someone else and say, "You should do this" or "Don't do it that way."  But that's not how game-play works.  You're supposed to "be" your character.  You can describe how they're acting or what they're doing, but you can't strategize with other players about how to handle situations, you have to just react the way you think your character would.

This is called metagaming.  I accuse Significant of getting "meta" whenever he tries to give me out-of-character advice, because even if it's helpful, it messes up the flow of the game.

I don't know how much this applies to blogging, and hopefully it doesn't interrupt the flow too much, but I think about blogging a lot.  It's a hobby that I enjoy, and am always looking for ideas, tips, and ways to improve.  I also spend more time than I should worrying about things I'm doing wrong.  So naturally that comes out in a blog post every now and again.

So let's get Meta!

Blogging things I get angst-y about...

1. Scheduling

I know consistency is important.  I like connecting with you folks, and I feel I get more interaction when I post regularly.  So I try really hard to stick to my Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday schedule.  But then sometimes there'll be a cool link up, or I'll have an extra idea that I don't want to waste one of my "good days" on.  It might be irrational, but I get worried that those extra posts will make my schedule more confusing and do more harm than good to my readers.

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2. Speaking of Consistency

So I've got my post schedule, and I have my social media sharing schedule, but I don't share EVERY post to Facebook.  I feel like Facebook is mostly my relatives, so they'd be less interested in posts like this one today, and sometimes the posts are about more controversial/sensitive topics.  It's out there if they want to find it, but I'm not necessarily going to put it right in front of their noses.  But then again, I only know who about half of my "fans" are, so maybe I'm hurting myself by not putting the juicy stuff in front of them.

3. Social Media

So I've gotten much more into Twitter and Pinterest once I realized that's where most of the other bloggers were.  And it's fun!  But Twitter is rapidly becoming my brain dump spot, and I'm not really sure what to do with the Facebook page.  It mostly gets ignored unless I find something interesting that's related to business or something of local interest (you know, because family).  I don't want to post the exact same things on each site, but now it's like Twitter is my personal account, and Facebook it's a pseudo-professional page for my graphic design business.  Generally, they're diverging in 2 different directions and I can't decide which to take.

4. Branding/Identity Crisis

Originally the blog started as a "get to know me" add-on to my graphic design portfolio.  Starting this year, I've completely left that behind, and have been reveling in the sheer fun of saying whatever the heck I want.  So now I need to decide if I'm a graphic designer with a blog, or a blogger who designs.  If I ever manage to make that decision, then maybe I can streamline my social media.

5. Sponsorships

I mentioned in another post, 6 Reasons to Stay Small, that I don't plan on offering sponsorships, and that includes sponsored posts.  But there are lots of blogs I like and admire and I link to their stuff pretty regularly when it's relevant to what I'm writing.  So how do I go about making sure people know I'm not just saying stuff because I'm getting paid to?  And when I recommend something it's because I genuinely like it?

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6. Internet Trust Issues

I've read a couple posts about blogs dying and the author disappearing.  Readers who were really invested are saddened by this, obviously, and wish for more closure, or an update post to know what happened.  But there's the other side of the coin, where bloggers fake deaths, or tragedies, to garner sympathy from readers.  It's gotten to the point that any sob story you read on Reddit, 3 comments down there's already people poking holes in the story.  If you had a real tragedy would anyone even believe you?  Or would you just end up on GOMI, getting bashed for your "lies" or your "karma whoring"? (Reddit term, for the uninitiated)

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7. Competition

Despite not seeking revenue (for now) for blogging, the spirit of competition still occasionally arises.  Sometimes I write a post and think, "Damn, this is spot on!"  And sometimes I'll write something I think is ok, read another post that did it better, and feel down because mine's not as good.  And this is totally ridiculous and unnecessary, on my part.  Wanting to improve at a hobby is fine, seeing other hobbyists as competition rather than potential friends is just dumb.  (although I suppose they could be both.  Friendly competition is a thing, right?)

So in the spirit of non-competition, I'm including all the posts I've enjoyed that are related to these topics.  If you've got something that fits one of these categories, let me know and I'll add it!

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What blog things do you worry about?  Do you think the term "meta" is fun or obnoxious?

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  1. I think I worry a lot less now about "the rules" than I use to when I was a new blogger, now I do what feels right and good for me. Unfortunately right now everything feels wrong but I'm not beating myself up to hard about it, I just need a little creative boost to get out of this rut.

  2. I really worry about any blog things. Really. I do it because I like it and it's fun and it ceases to be fun if it causes me agida. One exception - if I saw something on a blog or got an idea from one, I want to be sure to give credit to that blogger. So it distresses me when I can't remember or didn't write it down - at which point I'll always say - did I get this idea from you? Let me know and I'll link back to you.

    1. uh that should of course be I really don't worry. LOL

  3. I worry somewhat. Not as much as maybe I should but then I think maybe I worry too much. It depends on the day. I came out of a niche where people are so competitive and everything needs to be perfect and done according to all the experts and it's hard to shake that.

    I think it's okay to want to be good at your hobby. It's why golfers play and practice so much or weightlifters train. They don't necessarily want to be professionals but they do want to be good at something they care about. Blogging is the same way.

  4. I think of you as a blogger who designs. If that helps you any. I find when I get worried about the blogging rules and what everyone else is doing I start to lose creativity and dread actually writing anything. So, I have been just doing whatever feels right. I don't plan on making it a business. Blogging is a hobby that I love but if I skip a day or 3 doing my hobby I don't stress it at all. If someone is following me I would hope that they are nice enough to understand that sometimes life happens and I don't get to write that day. If I have 1 million followers or 10 I want to be doing the same thing.

  5. Again I am in love with your post. I think it gets hard the longer you blog to decide how you feel about the "rules". I am trying hard not to worry about anything. I just write, re-read, and post. No more second guessing. If I did that every time I probably would never get anything live. I think you are doing great with that you are doing, so keep at it :)

  6. Um, I totally worry about all of these things. For serious. I worried about sponsorships foreeeever. But now I'm over it. Sponsorships would stress me out, so no. But competitiveness? Confession: sometimes I look at other people's sponsor pages just so I can see what their stats are and satisfy my curiosity. Because I'm insane.


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