Sep 4, 2014

Not the One Ring, But Just as Special

So I suppose today is as good a day as any to share pictures of my shiny, new toy.  As you may recall from my somewhat shoddy trip recap, Significant and I are engaged!

Because we're total nerds, it happened at the DragonCon, not in front of lots of people but privately in our hotel room.  Significant turned to me and said something, the specific wording of which evades me, but it wasn't phrased as a question.  I suppose it didn't need to be - we both know where we're going.  Then we cuddled and talked and he told me why he chose this particular ring and what it symbolized to him.  It was very romantic and sweet, and I'm glad it wasn't in public, because we didn't have to worry about stares, or behaving appropriately for an audience.

So let me tell you about this ring.  Have you seen Lord of the Rings?  Know who Galadriel is?  A quick brush up on some LotR lore.  In addition to the one ring, others were made for the various races.  They did different things, but the 3 Elven rings managed to escape the influence of Sauron, and were held by a powerful Elf lord, and lady, and, for some reason, Gandalf.

My ring is an adaptation from the book description of Galadriel's ring, made by a truly awesome jewelry company who specializes in fantasy work (Badali Jewelry, if you're interested).  Even better - the company who made it was doing a presentation at the DragonCon, so we got to go and watch a video of how their jewelry is made, listen to them describe their love and passion for their work (it's a family with only about 6 people in the company), and see some concept sketches showing how they come up with the ideas for each piece.  It was really awesome, and really personal, and no, this is not a plug, just me gushing about how amazing and magical this whole experience was for me.

To sum up: engaged, LotR themed ring, me super happy.  I'll do my best not to get into too much sappy, wedding-y stuff, which might not be too hard if we decide to elope.

For your viewing pleasure...

Oh, and I really shouldn't be posting this yet, because I have a couple of friends I want to tell in person, but I decided they won't be able to find it if I don't share to Facebook.  If I'm wrong and you're reading this, hey guys!  This is what we're celebrating on Saturday.  See you then!

Do you have an engagement story?  Hypothetically (assuming you want one at all), would you prefer a public or private proposal?

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  1. Woohoo, it's beautiful! That is a hunk of a diamond :) but delicate ring. I'm so glad my engagement was not in public, too. Private makes it more romantic.

  2. What a beautiful ring!!!! I love that there is a story behind it! So sweet and special. Congrats!

    My husband proposed to me at Stone Mountain (in GA) because it was a special place for both of us growing up. There weren't a ton of people around, so it was mostly private. He said something about setting things into stone...then he was like speaking of stones....and pulled out the ring!

  3. I love that he thought to customize the ring, so creative!!

  4. Congratulations! Whenever I get engaged I really want a unique ring, one with some personality, I don't want the band and diamond in the middle, I want some character on it, this ring is so perfect for you guys, I'm happy for you!!

  5. Aww that's so great! Very pretty ring! I can only hope when I get engaged my significant other puts a lot of thought into it. Congrats again!

  6. I must have missed this the first time, but it had a link at the bottom of today's post to it. Congrats!!! I was engaged before I got married to my ex husband, but we broke up before the wedding. He asked me while we were watching Star Wars. It was during the Yoda death scene. the ex husbands did nothing special just hey wanna get married. I should have known to run lol


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