Sep 23, 2014

Quarterly Goals - Autumn

Autumn Quarterly Goals | Business, Life & Design

I've seen a few people do seasonal goals, and I tried that out with my summer bucket list (didn't go so well), but I think I did it wrong.  (I've since received some timely advice from Steph which helped me restructure.)

I've got a lot of different things I'm trying to track and I'm not being terribly organized about it.  There's my year-long resolutions, which are tweaked every so often throughout the year.  Then there's short term goals.  And then there's seasonal activities, like my sad, little summer bucket list, that would be nice to do but aren't terribly important.

So I'm going to try out "Quarterly" goals, which is basically seasonal, but I guess in my mind quarterly means it's just an update 4 times a year rather than only goals that pertain to the season.  Semantics.

In the future I'll do an update post, and then a new post for the new quarterly goals, but for this one the update is at the bottom.

Lifelong Continuing Goals

I've broken these guys into 4 categories: Work, Personal Fulfillment, Health, and Social.  Each category also has an ultimate goal, along with the primary motivator for reaching that goal.  These tend to get updated every so often as my priorities change, so it'll be nice to discuss these quarterly.


1. Follow through with daily priorities
2. Spend less time on non-work activities
3. Find ways to expand job duties

End Goal: Be more content with my current work and ensure that it will be relevant to another field if I ever want to switch
End Reward: Peace of mind/job satisfaction

Personal Fulfillment

4. Try something new each month (you can follow along on the Self Actualization page)
5. Cook 2 meals each week
6. Play games and read books whenever possible

End Goal: Be Awesome!
End Reward: Being Awesome! (and also not crazy from never having time to myself)


7. Follow daily routine (schedule for: sleep, exercise, meals, school, and taking care of dog)
8. Exercise every day (doesn't matter how small)
9. Snack less and substitute healthier versions

End Goal: Lose 20lbs (1 lb a week - 180 target weight)
End Reward: Donate eggs (BMI is currently borderline for what they accept - otherwise I would have a fitness oriented goal rather than numbers)


10. Improve conversational skills/be more aware of other person in conversation
11. Be more positive and express appreciation to other people (especially Significant)
12. Make one new friend each year

End Goal: Become a person more likely to attract positive people and surround myself with people who have qualities I admire
End Reward: Having friends with similar values and broadening/enriching my social sphere

Autumn Priorities

These are the things I want to focus on, and if there's a choice between to do list items, these'll be the ones that take priority.

1. Routine

I've been at my current job for over a year now, and I still arrive at work a different time every day.  I go to bed at a different time every night, and quite frequently I'm sleep deprived, which only makes motivation more difficult.  I think a lot of my other objectives would come a lot easier if I had a more stable foundation to build them on.  So I'm going to focus on following the same sleep schedule each weeknight, and trying to find a comfortable routine for school, exercise, meals, and taking care of the dog.

2. Unclutter

In general, I prefer things to be organized.  And I notice the mess accumulates most when I get new things and they don't have a place.  So I'd like to both optimize the space we have by organizing better, and also get rid of some of the junk we've begun to collect that we really don't need.

3. Unwind

We had a lot of fun over the summer, but we also had a lot of stress.  And most of it was completely avoidable.  I'm feeling really good today, after a weekend trip to the beach, during which we had NO OBJECTIVES.  There was nothing we had to see, nothing we had to do.  It was one of the most relaxing things I've ever done, just to wander around our hotel and the boardwalk.  Then, today, I felt so recharged and refreshed and just motivated!  And I want more of this.  So I'm going to make more of an effort to schedule downtime.

Seasonal Goals

  1. Bake something!
  2. Do something crafty with pumpkins
  3. Sort clothes and make a Goodwill run
  4. Drink all the ciders!
  5. Organize closets (bedroom and hall)
  6. Help Significant put together new exercise bike!
  7. Attend the Renaissance Faire
  8. Organize storage room & basement (ick - this should probably be 3 separate things)
  9. Rehang decorations that fell down (sticky tape not terribly effective) or put them away
  10. Get an A in Programming 101
  11. (I fully intend to add more to these as I see fit, but this is the basic list)

Update on 2014 New Years Resolutions

  1. Think about career goals and make a timeline for them - Check! (result: programming class)
  2. Find ways to make my job more interesting and satisfying - Semi Check (expanded some of my work duties, but the novelty's worn off so it was more of a temporary fix)
  3. Stop slacking off at work - Fail
  4. Set priorities for the work day as well as for personal errands - Check!
  5. Do at least one new/interesting/unusual activity each month (classes, hobbies, crafts, social activities...) - Check! (I'm kicking ass on this one)
  6. Cut back on mindless TV time - Check!
  7. Get up early enough to walk the dog and eat a full breakfast without rushing to get to work on time - Fail
  8. Snack less/eat less of the delicious sugary things scattered around the office - Fail (I was doing alright for a while, but lately it's been pretty bad)
  9. Exercise more and add variety - Check! (back and forth, but back in March I ran a 5-miler, and Zumba was off and on, and now I'm getting into yoga, so... good enough!)
  10. Read relationship and communication self help books and actually utilize the tips from them - Check!!! (I forgot about this one, but I'm on my 3rd "relationship" book, and Significant and I have both used some of the things we've learned; our arguments are like, so smooth these days, I can't even call them "arguments."  More like "discussions.")
  11. Be more aware of other people in conversations - Ehhh... (I don't know. Which probably means fail)
  12. Find things to appreciate about the people around me every day - Partial check (I've kept my list of 5 positive things lately, but I haven't made a point of saying those things to other people)
  13. Keep journal/handbook to track goal progress and productivity - Check (I've kept a goal/priority tracker pretty steadily, but I don't fill it out very thoroughly, so this one is barely a check. I'm thinking about switching it up and using a paper journal instead)
  14. Enjoy it all! - Check!!!
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