Sep 1, 2014

Some Silver Linings - A Trip Recap

So I had a bunch of my funny spam comments here, and then one night my spam comments on this post absolutely blew up and I started getting an email every 15 minutes.  So I removed them.  They were funny though.

The whole post was spurred by one comment that told me my posts were "rife with spelling errors" and then proceeded to become so grammatically flawed it was hard to read.  So I got some chuckles out of it and spent more time than necessary trying to figure out why criticism would be a spam tactic.  Let's just say I don't understand spam and leave it at that.

Now I'm going to tell you a little bit about our trip, which unfortunately must start with a rant.  Feel free to skip ahead to the silver linings, or the very bottom for some exciting news.

Time for a Rant

I'd also like to inform everyone that US Airways are a bunch of a-holes who don't give a crap about their customers and find every opportunity to resell your seats, and make you pay twice.  It's been a bumpy ride, that's for sure.

The story: Significant bought plane tickets.  I bought plane tickets.  We were not flying together.  Then I broke my ankle and he tried to change his in order to help me at the airport if I needed it (turns out, I didn't need it - oh well).  The change flight fee was $200+ so instead he bought a new ticket for ~$180.  His first flight took off without him, because it was CHEAPER to buy a NEW TICKET instead of changing his flight.

Then, when he did not appear on his first flight, they canceled his return flight, insisting that him not being present for the first leg of the journey gave them the right to sell it to someone else, while keeping the money he had paid for it.  Bullshit.

So he bought yet another flight.  Then, when it was time to catch my flight home, I arrived at the airport a mere 50 minutes before departure to check in (no bags to check, mind you).  Sorry.  Too late.  The seat has already been given to someone else, and US Air is again making twice the money for one seat.  The options were to sit on stand by all day and hope they could get me on something eventually, or pay the $200+ change fee to pick a flight on a different day.

So we said screw it!  I extended my vacation, am currently cozily snuggled into a bed at one of Significant's relative's homes, and we will be driving home together on Wednesday.  Which means we will have paid for 5 flights and only been present on 2 of them.  Is it just me, or does it seem like business should not be done this way?  Can't a business be profitable without blatantly ripping off its customers?

On to the Silver Linings

We've handled all the frustration fairly well (minus the rant).  We didn't let it ruin our trip, and still had a great time at the DragonCon.  I really enjoy road tripping with Significant and am actually looking forward to the long drive back.  Here's a few trip highlights so far:
  • Once Upon a Time Panel - I saw Robin Hood!  And Grumpy!  There were 6 members of the cast there and they were lively, cracked jokes, sang, and had some really interesting insights.  All I would have hoped for.
  • Battle Star Galactica Panel - Not quite as lively, but I still got a huge kick out of Colonel Tigh saying one of his famous lines, "It's in the fracking ship!"
  • Meeting Significant's Gaming Buddies - They were super nice and friendly and made a point of including me in the conversation even though I don't play Armaggedon (which is how they all met).
  • Amazing Costumes - The 3rd day we just wandered around and gawked.  Seriously, some amazing craftsmanship, and also it was awesome seeing how people adapted some of the classic characters (Disney princesses, Lego Ironman, etc).
  • Southern Cuisine - Not all of the con, but our last day we ate at an amazing southern style restaurant and had the best damn potatoes, biscuits, and gravy I've ever had.

So we've more than made the best of it, and we've learned from our mistakes (check in online, if you want flexible plans only buy one ticket at a time, and in the end, driving can be a lot less costly than the other options).  Overall, I'm kind of proud of us, and I'm looking forward to a couple of relaxing days that don't involve any airlines.

Oh, right.  I promised news.  <3  We're engaged!  <3

What things have you learned about traveling?  Has an airline ever screwed you over?

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