Sep 6, 2014

The Little Things - Business Tweaks

The Little Things - Business Tweaks

I get really excited when people change up their blog designs.  New stuff to look at, new colors, new ideas for me to poach off of.  Good stuff.

I've noticed people do it one of 2 ways:
  1. Total overhaul, well-announced beforehand, with completely rethought out layout and branding
  2. Sneaky little changes
The sneaky changes are fun sometimes because it's like a memory game.  When Steph changed her background I was all excited, "Green argyle!!!" but had no memory of what it had been before the switch.

I'm kind of in between these two.  I don't really have big changes I want to make, because I've been gradually editing as I come to understand blogging better.  But I'm still super excited about the little ones.  You can't announce those right?  Wrong!

3 Little Changes That I'm Overly Excited About

1. Added Section Titles

They're bold and make each section really distinct.  Also uncluttered a bit and added a search bar.  I've been trying to collect some of my favorite posts on other blogs, and without a search bar it is really hard to find something from a few months ago!

2. New Website Wording

It was time for my graphic design website to reflect the new direction I've gone in as a blogger.  Before it was super formal and said "we" even though it's a 1-woman company.  Now it's real, it's me, and there should be no surprises from anyone about who exactly they're working with.

3. New URL!

I finally bought the url that matches my blog name!!!  I debated about this for a long time, because Business, Life & Design is really not that catchy or exciting.  Finally I decided to keep it how it is, because it reflects the type of content I post and because it goes well with my business name - Jenn Wells Design.

Here's hoping that my new URL,, is a lot easier for you guys to find!  (and that Bloglovin sees this post and agrees to swap my readers over)

I know it's almost a month later, but I'd like to give some credit to the Blogstaycation for the changes (especially the website - that was a fair amount of work).  I'd been pondering them for a long time and that extra kick in the butt helped immensely.

What motivates you to make changes?  Do you like to tackle one small task at a time or make huge overhauls?

Jenn signature graphic | Business, Life & Design


  1. Great post and great way to announce your new URL. I somehow linked my blogger url to my new url so it automatically takes you to my site with whatever way you type it. So far Bloglovin is complying. Lol

  2. Change is exciting! I just changed my blog name and had to redesign a lot of other stuff because of it. I'm hoping Bloglovin will transfer to my new URL nice and easily too.

  3. Congrats on your domain name! I like little changes. I change my header photos once a month and background around the same time.


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