Sep 17, 2014

When the Cat's Away - 5 Things to Enjoy About an Empty House

Momma's back, to help me out with a post! And we're talking solo time.

My husband is out of town this week, and it reminded me of all the reasons why it is good to be alone in the house once in a while. Here is a countdown of my top five…

Momma's List of 5 Really Good Things About Your Spouse Going Away for a Week

5. The Hallmark Channel

My kids used to razz me about watching dumb movies on LMC (Lifetime Movie Channel), but recently I've discovered there is a channel of even sappier (read "more enticing") movies and shows! But I can only watch when I'm alone in the house or my husband will make retching noises at me.

4. Things Stay Clean

If I clean the bathroom, it stays clean for days!!

3. True Laziness

I can lounge around as much as I want. My idea of a perfect day is one in which I never have to change out of my pajamas. You know the Bruno Mars song? That one? "Nobody’s gonna tell me I ca-an’t…"

2. Unimpeded Self-Delusion

If, in the midst of all this laziness, I am overtaken by an incredible burst of productivity and, say, refill all the liquid soap dispensers in the house (as I did today), there is no one to intrude any reality onto my shiny false bubble of self-congratulations.

1. Ice Cream for Dinner

'nuff said.

And here's my countdown

Jenn's List of 5 Really Awesome Things About Being Home Alone

5. Ice Cream for Dinner

Or breakfast.  I have to second this as an alternate meal option.

4. Singing

Loudly and off-key.  Usually I go with something from Les Miserables.  If I get really into it, erratic arm flailing plays a part.

3. Dog on the Bed

Lately Significant has banned Luke from the bed at night, and I understand, because somehow that 60 pounds of dog spreads out into a big dog puddle and pushes us to the edges.  But when it's just me, I can avoid the pangs of guilt when his big, brown eyes are staring sadly up at me each night.

2. No Bra

If it was just me and Significant, I probably wouldn't bother, but having a roommate means feeling compelled to keep things a bit more constrained.  Alone time = comfort time.

1. Quiet time

I grew up in a fairly quiet house, and I had a room to myself for a good portion of childhood.  So I truly relish it when I get chance to soak in the silence and sift through my thoughts.

I have a first runner up, too: Not Sharing.  There's this awesome, fuzzy blanket on my couch that my mom gave me for Christmas, and I'm almost territorial about it.  I call it "the fuzzy" and it has magical warmth and sleep properties, and I hate when someone else is using it and I can't.  I know I could probably ask them to trade with me, but then I start feeling too silly and irrational, so I don't usually.

Do you like alone time?  What things do you enjoy about having the house to yourself?

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