Oct 30, 2014

A Breakup Letter to Society

Dear Society,

I'm tired.

It was fun at first.  Getting involved.  Getting educated.  Learning about everything that's currently going on, how everyone else feels about it, and forming my own opinion.

But I noticed something: It never ends.

There's always something going on.  Something negative.  Something unpleasant.  Something to be angry, upset, worried, and especially outraged about.

Everyone's outraged all the time.  And I get it.  Society is fundamentally flawed in so many ways.  And it was fun to ride the crest of that wave of opinion and be outraged along with the group.  I vented about just about everything that's ever bothered me.

But now I'm tired.

Tired of me.  Tired of you.  Tired of negativity.  Tired of everyone picking apart each little nuance of everyone else's argument.  Tired of overanalyzing EVERYTHING.

Whether it's something as trivial as Renee Zelweger's face, or something as important as the continuing discussion of body image, I just need a break.  I need to focus on me for a little while and more of the positive things that make life worth living.

I hope you understand.  (You won't, because you're the personification of a concept, but that's not important.)

It is you.  But it's also me.  I just need a break.


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