Oct 9, 2014

A Certain Kind of Person

I figured out how to solve all our communication issues.  (Well, some.  A very small amount, actually.)  Take "the kind of person" out of your sentences.

Example: "They're the kind of people who like drama."  Oh, what does that mean?  What kind of person is that?  Exactly what are you saying?

Now take out those 4 words.  "They like drama."  No misinterpreting that.  No stereotyping or miscategorization implicit in that statement.

For bonus points, be specific in who "they" is.  "[Nanette/Bob/Megan and John/The drama club] likes drama."

Was that so hard?

P.S. People who describe something,

"She's just a big drama queen, and she always interjects every last, little bit of negativity into every statement she makes."

and then follow it up with,

"You know how those people are."

are chock full of prejudices, even if they don't realize it.  If they defend themselves by saying,

"Everybody knows it's true - I'm just saying what you're all thinking."

you should just give up on the conversation and probably your friendship, as well.

Have you ever ended a friendship over someone's prejudices?  Have you ever known someone who was prejudiced and didn't realize it?

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