Oct 27, 2014

Between Ease and Effort - Motivational Monday

I've been doing yoga with my mom, pretty regularly each Sunday.  We don't do anything too difficult, just beginner stuff, but after my initial distaste (yoga wasn't really "my thing"), I've settled in and I'm starting to like it.  It's nice to have one day where your exercise routine is something soothing, and it feels really good to stretch everything out so thoroughly.

We like different things, of course.  My mom likes the Patricia Walden VHS she's had for 10 years.  Unfortunately it met with an untimely (sort of - I mean 10 years is a good lifespan for a VHS, right?) demise and so we had to branch out a bit.

My favorite so far is Sean Vigue.  I call it "broga" (Barney style, from How I Met Your Mother), because he makes jokes and doesn't get as far into the "feel the energy of the universe pouring into you" type stuff.

Despite his mostly matter-of-fact manner, there's one tidbit that stuck with me. "Between ease and effort lies your pose."  I think I've heard him say this 3 or 4 times and never thought much of it, but this last time it resonated.

I'd like to apply this principle to more than just yoga.  Work, for example.

You should always be pushing yourself a bit, stretching to keep yourself and your work from becoming stagnant.  But if you push too hard for too long, you're going to hurt yourself.

I think lately I've been too hard on myself.  I've been pushing myself to be more productive, and fix all my bad habits, and that's a good thing.  But I was fighting against my own nature so hard that I totally forgot I can enjoy my work.  I used to.  I enjoyed it a lot when I first interned here several years ago.

So maybe what's required is not so much self-berating, but a focal switch from "Here's what you have to do - get it over with" to "Ooh, here's a fun part - I should enjoy this as much as I can."  I've written a bit already about trying to find the positives and I don't know if that's finally starting to take effect, or if it was something else entirely, but today I feel good.  Today I feel like the world is full of possibilities.

Do you do yoga?  What's something that's helped you out of context?

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  1. I have never done yoga, but I use to love pilates. I've just gotten too lazy to do anything. I love Broga lol. Barney is awesome.

  2. I took one beginners yoga boot camp class and almost puked.

    I also have some DVD's I use to enjoy doing pre-kid, I have it on my list to do yoga again BUT all the formal classes here are offered during the day. I'm not sure who can go to a yoga class at 10 AM or 2 PM but it's not me, I have a job.

    I really wanted some formal instruction but it looks like I'll be doing DVD's.

  3. I really want to get into yoga. I had started it a few years back but it never really stuck. My goal was to start incorporating it into my Sundays but I have yet to do it. Maybe you are the kick in the butt I need to try. Maybe. Dont hold your breath though. Ha!


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