Oct 15, 2014

Defining Lifestyle

Irrelevant life update: I'm at home and feeling a leetle out of it with a mild fever and possible infections in both ears, but I really wanted to join in on this, so I'm posting this despite the unusual brevity.

When I started writing whatever I wanted to, I didn't know what to call it.  I knew it wasn't a business blog anymore, but I didn't have a new definition.  I saw a few other people mention that they were "non-niche" and that seemed to fit pretty well.

Learning that "non-niche" and "lifestyle" were synonymous took a while.  Eventually I realized I'd be categorized as a "lifestyle" blog, which was probably for the convenience of feed readers, like Bloglovin, more than anything else.  In my head I wasn't a "real lifestyle blog."  Those were about things like shoes and makeup.  Or maybe they were DIY and organizational tutorials.  In any case, it wasn't me.

But when Trish wrote her post about lifestyle, it got me thinking.  An individual's lifestyle is everything they do, everything they think, everything they are.  And that is a wide scope.

And that's the real beauty of this "niche."  Our lifestyles are more than just one or two facets of our lives.  Our lifestyle is a full mind meld with other bloggers of everything we want to share and some things that we share just by being ourselves.

Do you consider yourself to be a lifestyle blogger?  How do you define lifestyle?

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  1. I totally agree that lifestyle can mean so many things! I post about all kinds of stuff on my blog and consider myself a lifestyle blogger. I think lifestyle means anything and everything a person is interested in.

  2. I totally consider myself a lifestyle blogger BUT it took me a while to get it all figured out. I consider myself a beach lifestyle blogger now, when I started blogging I didn't live at the beach so my lifestyle blog was more random lifestyle blog in my mind.

    Once I got over the feeling that I was constantly bragging about my beach life I really dived headfirst in my beach lifestyle blog. I figured it would appeal to people because a LOT of people dream of a beach life.


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