Oct 7, 2014

Food Fraud - BS Serving Sizes

Some things come in multiple serving packs.  Some things come in single servings.  And some things come in single serving packages but are "multiple servings."

Grapefruit cup displaying deceptive nutritional information | Business, Life & Design | #grapefruit #nutrition

This is grapefruit.  As you may be aware, most grapefruit is nasty.  Just bitter and all around disgusting.  This grapefruit, however, is like crack and I can't get enough.  (I'm guessing I would like crack, and that's why I stay away from drugs.)  I can only assume it's the added sugar.

I also assume that, because grapefruit is supposed to be healthy, they make this one non-resealable cup be "2 servings" in order to hide the full amount of sugar they have to add to make this fruit palatable.

This is the sort of thing I expect in candy bars.  I mean, as much as I love me a snickers bar every now and again, they are just terrible for you.  No redeeming qualities whatsoever.  And I know this. 

But I guess candy companies think they can trick some of us by pretending that we won't actually be eating the whole king size bar.  Oh no, we'll just eat 1/3 of it, wrap it back up in the shredded, plastic wrapper, and maybe some plastic wrap for added freshness, and then store it for another time.  Right...

I can't honestly believe that anyone genuinely thinks a candy bar packaged that way is not going to be eaten all at once.  (For those of you who do save the rest of it for later, WHO ARE YOU?  And why don't you just buy a multi-pack of smaller bars?)  The multiple servings is a bullshit maneuver to make the incautious nutrition information reader believe that that candy bar is only 1/3 as terrible for you as it really is.

Can we just be honest?  If I'm eating that king-size candy bar it's because at that moment I don't give a shit about the nutrition information or harm to my body.  But if I did, I should know what I'm consuming without having to do the math.  And I don't care how much sugar you put in grapefruit, it's still a fruit, and I'm still eating that whole container.  Let's not pretend anymore.

grapefruit cup displaying corrected nutritional information | BusinessLifeAndDesign.com | #grapefruit #nutrition
My proposed changes to the grapefruit package

What's the most ridiculous food packaging fraud you've seen?  Do you get frustrated by multiple servings in single serve packages?

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