Oct 17, 2014

Free Stuff! and Review of the eShakti Ordering Experience

I got something for free!  For blogging!  (I think this is where I do the little "*I received a free product to review for this post, but no words have been put into my mouth."  Am I doing this right?)

I was a little unsure at first, but after talking to a couple of other bloggers (that I trust) I decided to go for it.  The product - a dress from eShakti - was one I'd been considering buying after seeing other people's sponsored posts.  And the idea of buying something that was custom sized for me specifically was one that I've been intrigued by for a while.

Also, after perusing their site a bit, I noticed the "Real Fashion for Real People" section down at the bottom.  They have pictures from their actual customers, many of whom are my size!  There's only a few stores that I've found that do this and I really like it.

The dress I ended up picking is, ironically, one of the ones featured on the home page right now.

The process of ordering was a little bit of a pain, because a lot of the options available for free dresses said, "Out of fabric, please choose another option."  However, going through the regular site, I didn't have any problems, so I think that's just for people ordering a dress for free.

The shopping page looks like this.  (And I'll be honest - I was hoping to get the black and white dress on the top right but it was one of the "out of fabric" dresses.  I think I'll order it anyway, without the freebie deal, because it is gawgeous!)

The customization screen was awesome.  It's very clear on what the measurements are for each size and if you want to (and I certainly did), you can input your own measurements for a ton of options, including shoulder width and arm length.  Different dresses had different options, but the most customizable ones I saw you could change up the height, sleeve type, dress length, and even the neckline.  You could also remove pockets (most of the dresses come with as the standard), but why would you want to?!

When I got my dress, I was a little unsure.  It was the perfect colors for a fall type sundress that I could mix and match for warmer or cooler weather.  And the fit was good!  But the fabric was a little poofier and starchier than I expected and I wasn't sure how I felt about the elastic waistband.

I decided to give it a whirl, and after receiving several compliments, deemed it a win!  (Also, my parents were impressed that I got something for free by blogging and I think it's the first time anyone IRL has seen any value in my hobby.  So there's that.)

I like it best with a waist belt, and a cardigan is a must for my chilly office.  My mom has a hatred for waist belts that I'll never understand (especially when she continually insists that pants should be worn at the waist), so we took photos with both.

I forgot to show off the pockets, but they're awesome!  They're nice and deep and actually useful (unlike the majority of pockets in women's clothing), and the dress is flowy enough that it doesn't throw off the silhouette at all.

Overall, the eShakti experience was a pretty good one.  My first thought as far as actually purchasing from the site was, "But if they let you customize, then it's probably not returnable."  But when I checked their return policy it looks like it's pretty hassle free.  And the prices are good for all the options they provide.  So they've managed to convert at least one new customer.

Interested in eShakti?  Order from them, or learn more on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Oh, and I guess another side effect is that after having done one, I'm understanding the sponsor process so much better and feeling more open minded to it.  It wasn't what I was expecting, that's for sure.

Have you gotten anything for free by being a blogger?  Who was your first sponsor?

Bonus: I was attempting to be artsy with this and take shots with the dog, but when does that ever work out?  Here's the least blurry of the pictures we got with Luke.

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