Oct 20, 2014

Making Friends, Painting with Wine, and Breaking Some Laws - October Self Actualization

I was trying to decide what to do for October's Self Actualization activity, and then I realized I already did one!

Remember how I said Girlfriend Social was one of my failures.  Weeell... it's not a total failure.  Not just yet.  I actually chatted with somebody long enough for us to make plans and we went to Painting with a Twist together!

I had a lot of fun, and the art we chose (Moonlit Cherry Blossoms) turned out gorgeous.

And most importantly, we got a story out of it.  Ready?  Here we go.

I'd been to Painting with a Twist in Pennsylvania before (the DE location is pretty new), and it was very clearly a BYOB type of thing.  So we bought ourselves some sweet, cheapish pink Moscato, and a couple other varieties, and managed to swig just enough while letting the paint dry to keep from being too self conscious about our (lack of) artistic skills.

So I figured, "Hey, I've done this before!  I know the ropes."

I planned slightly better this time, hustling to the grocery store to grab some wine-friendly snacks.  As you were probably made aware (if you follow me on Twitter), Friday afternoon is grocery store rush hour and I suffered from some intense grocery-road-rage before finally making it out with most of my sanity and/or the things on my list.

I managed to arrive a little bit early (which is a huge victory for me), signed in, met my new bestie, and we got started on our wine and snacks.  An hour later, after some furious painting (seriously, it was hard to keep up), and managing to make some conversation despite the raging club music (odd choice, but whatever), it was time for a refill.

So I grabbed our cups (of the red solo variety, naturally) and was in the middle of the refill when the art instructor approached me.

"You can't do that."

I paused my pour to meet her eyes.  I quickly arrived at the conclusion that she was joking, because she had had yet to be serious that evening and so I said something inane like, "Oh, do I need to use cork service?"

Laughing at my own hilariousness, I again made eye contact and realized, "Oh shit.  She's serious."

She gently explained to me that in DELAWARE the rules are different, and in DELAWARE you can neither bring your own, nor serve without also selling food, but they did have some complimentary wine in the back.

Basically Delaware is stupid.  That is the point I'm making.

So I looked back and forth between the half-consumed bottle of wine and my purse and finally said, "Uh... I guess I'll put this away?"

The instructor agreed that this seemed to be the thing to do and I, relieved that I was not being kicked out, made haste to hide the bootlegged goods in my bag, and secure myself a good supply of the house offerings.

No BYOB in Delaware.  Who knew?

Have you ever done something illegal accidentally?  Have you gone to a painting class?

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