Oct 6, 2014

Project Positivity - Motivational Mondays

Project Positivity - Motivational Mondays | BusinessLifeAndDesign.com | #positivethinking #motivation

Hooray, it's Monday again!  (Sorry.  The Monday-hater in me just died a little bit.)

Quick update on the "no personal anything at work" plan. It's going well. Productivity is way, way up. At first it was pretty rough. I wanted to click over to something else every 30 seconds or so, and I spent inordinate amounts of time on my "goal/priority tracker." I had a bit of a regression near the end of the week, but finished strong on Friday!

Today, I'm going to implement another piece of the "Be Happy Already, Stupid" plan. I'm going to call it Project Positivity.

I've seen quite a few people do things like "100 happy days" where they say some positive each day. And I've already got a section in my goal/priority tracker for 5 positive things each morning. But I'd like to make an effort to think of positive things about my job specifically, and I'll be sharing one on Twitter each workday.

On the days that I can't think of anything nice to say about work, or that I've completely run out, I'll cheat and pick my favorite thing from the 5 things list.

The name, while seemingly straightforward, has kind of nuanced meaning that I like. It means "the project in which I become more positive." But it also means I'm projecting that positivity out into the world. Hopefully some of that will come back around!

Have you done the 100 Happy Days challenge? Are you good at finding silver linings?

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