Oct 13, 2014

The Face in the Mirror - Motivational Monday

Lately I've been making an effort to take better care of my skin.  So at night I actually wash my face and remove my makeup.

Consequently, I've been seeing myself completely without makeup a lot more often than usual.  And you know what?  I'm kinda liking it.

At some point makeup stopped being an extra and became the standard.  And I didn't even realize I had fallen prey to this mindset; it was such a gradual change.

Not wearing it slowly switched over from a "less put-together day" to a "bum day" and then finally it was an "ugly day."

But now, simply by changing up my routine a little, it's turned back into what it should be - an accessory.  I still like it, and it's still fun to try new things (eye primer - it's magic!) and match it to the "look" I'm going for each day.  But it's not a necessity, and I can not wear it without feeling like I have to hide my face.

I wrote, not too long ago, about Things That Are More Than Skin Deep.  And I do think we should focus on all of our positive traits and not just this beauty thing.  But I also think we should all feel comfortable in our own skin, and accepting ourselves without makeup or enhancements is a big part of that. 

The Florkens actually had a great link up a while ago for this, and everyone shared makeup-less selfies.  I'm a couple months late, but same idea!  So here's mine.

Because I can

Do you feel comfortable without makeup? 

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  1. You look great without makeup. I use to wear it everyday. Then I just didn't feel like it anymore and pretty much stopped except when I wanted to look alive. I am getting back into the swing of wearing it most days. I like how I look wearing it, I'm just really lazy in the mornings and would rather hit snooze

  2. I did a make up vs. no make up post when I first started blogging, what I decided what I think make up makes me look better but in reality my natural make up look doesn't really make me look that much different.

    I use to wear minimal make up to work, now that I work from home I NEVER wear it. Lately I've actually missed wearing make up. I put some on this weekend and it gave me an extra little boost of confidence for the day.

  3. I don't wear makeup at least five days a week. I'm comfortable with and without. It's mostly a time thing for me!

  4. You look fabulous without make up! I will go without make up on Sundays usually when I am grocery shopping and running errands. I say no make up, but I really mean just mascara. I have to have mascara on if I leave the house! And if I am really going out with any people..I usually will at least put some concealer under my eyes because I have dark dark DARK circles 100% of the time under those puppies. But as long as I am not totally broken out, I am confident enough without make up.

  5. Cute photos! The only make up I wear is eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. I don't really know how to apply face makeup haha


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