Nov 6, 2014

Choose Your Own Adventure Goal Setting - Organization

So I've been a little out of sync with the Make Your Own Adventure link up.  While everyone else was exercising, I was uncluttering my house.  Then I was exercising while they'd moved on to food themed goals.  I'd really like to participate, so I'm going to jump on board for this month's theme of Organization.

Organizing is one of my favorite things to do.  I'd happily write a goals post every month just about organizing.  But I think everyone else would be bored to tears, so I won't.  I had a few things on my Quarterly Goals list for organization, specifically uncluttering, organizing our storage area, and rehanging all the wall art that'd fallen down.  And I'm happy to report that it is all done!  My non-organization goals are another story... but that's not what today's post is about.

So, since I've gotten my fall organization goals accomplished already, here's a few more that I'd like to tackle this month.

November Organization Themed Goals

  1. Kitchen Junk Drawer - Eliminate and find a place for everything in it (I hate that I let this happen.  Just because a junk drawer is a thing does NOT mean every household needs one.)
  2. Resolve Hall Closet Shoe Situation - We all toss our shoes in there and I think rather than fight it, I'll just get a shoe rack to put them on.  And something for hats and gloves.
  3. Make a Place for Holiday/Seasonal Items - Probably just a storage bin, but ideally I'd like to get everything in one place rather than scattered amongst the other stored items and boxes.
  4. Plan and Purchase ALL Christmas Gifts! - It's late enough in the year that it's starting to really bother me that I haven't done it.  We're doing Christmas in CA this year, so gifts will have to be small and I'd like to have something thoughtful since I can't make up for quality with quantity this year.
  5. Solidify Travel Plans - There are a few things percolating: Christmas, sister's bachelorette party, my own potential elopement, and I know my brain will feel quieter and less "cluttered" if we know where we're staying and how we're getting there.
  6. Backup Computer - I'm frighteningly behind on this and my computer keeps giving me "blue screen of death" scares.

Do you have monthly goals?  Do you enjoy organizing things?

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  1. One of my winter goals is to throw as much crap as possible away, during the summer all the clutter gets out of hand because I'm distracted by the beach. Then cold weather comes and I'm stuck looking at piles of crap everywhere!

    Also I have no Christmas presents bought either and it's making me a little panicky.

  2. I'm purging a lot this month. It has to be done!

  3. I love your list! I have a junk cabinet in the kitchen that needs tending well as actually making our third guest room a useful room and not a place where stuff goes to sit in a pile! Purging is in order!

  4. I'm excited about this one, I have several hot spots for clutter.

  5. I don't really enjoy organizing... but I love organized spaces so I am looking forward to this month's challenge. I'm hoping to purge a lot of junk as I unpack from our recent move.
    I call it a "utility drawer" instead of a junk drawer -- and try to make sure it stays organized, with all the little things we need and none of the junk that tried to accumulate there. =)

    1. Having a utility drawer is a good idea. I was hesitant to throw some things out, because a lot of them have that whole, "Might be useful" thing going. But if I'm really honest with myself - I really don't need that one leftover sheet of parchment paper. And the rubber bands can go in the basement, with the other office supplies, even if it means we have to go ALL THE WAY downstairs to get them.

  6. Woohoo great ideas! I need to organize everything in my house. That's what winter is for. At least in my world.

  7. It sounds like you have a busy month ahead of you. Elopement?? That sounds exciting. The Christmas shopping is very popular this month. Good luck and cannot wait to hear about your results. Thanks for link up with step hand I.

    1. Thanks! I think Christmas shopping is actually the hardest one, because it involves coming up with good ideas and not just being disciplined and finishing a task. It's a great link up! Thanks for putting it together!

  8. I hate the junk drawer thing to. I don't have a desk, so my 'junk drawer' is pens, post-its, scissors, tape, stuff like that. But it's all organized!
    Good call on the computer back up. I cannot remember the last time I did that - adding it to my list!


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