Nov 19, 2014

Fessin' Up and Laying Down Some Truff!

I typically try to write about one topic.  Even when I do "confessions" it's on a theme.  But today's more of a scatter-brained day, and spewing random things at you sounds quite delightful.  Also, I was inspired by Nadine's confessions.

I Confess...

1. Class Today Ain't Happening

It should.  I haven't been there in a couple weeks.  But... I'll be honest here.  There's not a lot of value in the class.  I'm not learning anything new.  At this point I'm just hanging on for the sake of finishing and because I've got another opportunity in the works and wouldn't want to mess up my transcript just now.

Reasons for (repeatedly) skipping class:
  • Wednesday is the day I remember that a new episode of Once Upon a Time came out (on Monday) and I still haven't watched it!
  • Hour long drive (each way)
  • Attendance not part of grade
  • The better part of class is spent working on our homework or watching YouTube videos
  • I can be disciplined and keep up with the work at home... probably
  • Going to class means getting home after 10 and being sleep-deprived the next day
  • General apathy

2. I'm OK with Christmas Swallowing Up Thanksgiving

My family hasn't really "done" Thanksgiving in years anyway.  We have tasty food and spend some time together and I really enjoy it, but it's never been something that we spend weeks, or even days, in anticipation of.  And this year there will only be 3 of us.  So what if people's Christmas lights are up already?  It's festive, fun, and I guarantee it will not detract from my green bean casserole one bit.

Reasons Christmas and Thanksgiving are more compatible than people think:
  • 2 months of constant holiday spirit!
  • The food!  Eggnog and peppermint bark can never come too early.
  • Thanksgiving doesn't really have it's own specific music or decorations anyway
  • If we push Christmas just a little bit further forward, we won't have to worry about Thanksgiving being ruined for retail workers, because Christmas shopping will start on Wednesday, or even Tuesday, and they can still have off on Thursday.
  • Good source of small talk ("Hooray Christmas music!" or "Gah! I hate Christmas music!")
  • Christmas d├ęcor reminds me to get my shopping done - preferably before Black Friday and all the deals and all the crazies.

3. I'm Obsessed with My Goal Posts

I finally got on the bandwagon and started participating in the Create Your Own Adventure goal-setting linkup and I have been looking at my update post every day for the last week, wishing I had things to add or that I could start my December goals.  Still 10 days left!!!  I also started doing seasonal goals and I can't wait to update that, either.  Basically you let me set some goals that involve organization in any way, and I get all hyped up and demolish them ASAP.

Goal update posts to be on the lookout for:
  • Create your own adventure - November was organize and December is simplify, which is harder because I want to keep organizing!
  • Seasonal/Quarterly - I started doing these because I thought monthly would be too frequently, but obviously the create your own was too fun not to do.  But they do have different things, some more long-term than the monthly goals, and some seasonal ones just for fun.
  • Yearly resolutions and bucket list update - Mostly to track how I did on my bucket list, but also the ongoing goals that I know will take a long time to accomplish.

4. I'm Often Blatant in My Self Admiration

I spend the usual amount of time in self-criticism, just like everyone else.  And I know I'm not perfect.  But some days I just get super impressed with myself, to the point where it's probably obnoxious to say anything about it out loud.  (Though I occasionally do that, anyway.  I feel like it's funny, because it's inappropriate and immodest, but I'm probably just coming across as a jerk.)

Things I've openly admired about myself recently:
  • How super creative and professional my outfit is
  • My body - I check myself out in the mirror at least once a week
  • That makeup, yeah, that is spot on, girl!
  • My Halloween costume.  To quote myself, "Do I look good or what?  I'd let me bite myself... Or something like that."
  • Oh, and while I'm quoting myself, "I did barbell squats!  I am a beast!!!"

I really want there to be a number 5, because I like odd numbers, but there's not.  So anyway...

How do you feel about early Christmas?  Do you know how awesome you are? (and forgot not to share that with other people)

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  1. Haha I am glad I inspire someone!!! I am usually all over the place with my confessions!!!

    I agree, Christmas cheer and happiness can never be too early. I don't think it over powers Thanksgiving...I think it enhances it!

    OMG you just reminded me that I have a lot more work to do on my goals this month and I am going out of town this weekend! Yikes!!! Gotta find time!!!!

  2. I usually hate "Christmas creep" because it makes me nervous. Like I've fallen behind already. But I've decided that since it seems to be inevitable, I'm just going to embrace it and enjoy! Merry Christmas!

  3. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, but being honestly Thanksgiving doesn't really have the decorations that Christmas does and it is basically just about the food anyway. So I get excited the day after Halloween when I start seeing Christmas stuff. I do hold off on putting my tree up until Thanksgiving night, but its hard.

  4. Thanksgiving isn't really a big deal to me either but I don't like Christmas to early either. I put my tree up first week of December and Tyson has to beg me to leave it up past the 26th, I get sick of it.

    I know how much I rock, it's an awesome freeing feeling!


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