Nov 4, 2014

The Significance of Significant - A Reveal

Ok, before you get too excited, it's not a real reveal.  At least not one you'll care much about.

I wanted to explain why I chose to call my significant other "Significant."  Obviously it came from the term "significant other."  And I tend to use that term or "partner" as often as I do "boyfriend."

I think that "significant other" and especially "partner" have begun to be thought of as meaning that the person using them is gay.  The speaker doesn't want to unveil that fact by openly being a girl with a "girlfriend" or a boy with a "boyfriend" so they use the more vague terms.

I think that when people hear the term "partner" they pause for a second while they factor that you might not be talking about someone of the opposite gender.  And then they decide if they're ok with that and (most of them) realize it doesn't really matter and it doesn't change what they previously thought about you.

I think it's good for them to have gone through that thought process.

But there are other reasons.  I guess at some point "boyfriend" just felt too generic, and maybe not quite grown up enough, even though I use the phrase fairly often.

And "significant" is a good way to sum up what he means to me.  It hints at the vast amount of impact Significant has in my life.  It's a polite nod to the overwhelming amount of emotion that ties us together.  And it's an indicator of the future, where (hopefully) our significance to each other will only grow.

The last reason is something of an inside joke.  With myself.  Bear with me, my humor is often quite convoluted.  So I guess by calling him "Significant" it could be construed that Significant is arrogant and feels that way about himself.  It's funny (to me) because it's not true, but would be an entirely inappropriate thing to suggest to the entire world if it were.  The joke loops in on itself because anyone in the world can see this, and most of the world doesn't get my humor, so they might take it at face value.

Fortunately most of the world doesn't read my blog.  Probably even less of it after that explanation.

Anyway, despite still enjoying the joke, and all the subtle implications of the term I chose for my partner, I've decided to move on.  I'm tired of typing it, and it sounds a little stilted and strange in some of my emails with the bloggers I talk to more often.

So here it is.  The real name!  Meet Ryan (aka Significant).

Also, I have to tell you about this picture.  So it's later on in the evening, and Ryan and I were no longer being very cautious about our costume makeup.  I've lost most of my vampire blood drips, and the eye liner from his nose is on my nose.  But that was just the beginning!  Later on, it was also on my cheeks, by my eye, even on my chin.  I'm not entirely sure how this happened, but hey!  By then all the sober people had gone home, so it was probably ok.

But that's not the most important part.  Did you notice the photo-bombing Cheshire cat?  Right in between my hat (originally part of someone's piƱata costume) and Ryan's head?  That's Roommate (still no real names for him) and we had no idea he made it into our pictures until the next morning.  Perfect for his character!

We have 2 pictures frames in the living room of our townhouse.  I set them up when Roommate moved in, because I didn't want him to feel overwhelmed and excluded by all our decorations, so I found some of the only pictures the 3 of us had together and put them up.  Seeing as those pictures were from last Halloween, and we have this beautiful thing from this year, I think we just started a new tradition.

Anyway, back to the point.  Significant = Ryan.  Roommate = Roommate.  And Sister1 and Sister2 will remain nameless, because that way I don't have to explain who they are whenever I use their names.  (Perhaps laziness was the ultimate deciding factor after all...)

Do you use real names on your blog?  How did you decide what names to use?

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